Innovation Core


Take full advantage of our powerful technical innovation layer to manage complex automation scripts and to enable financial apps to run and operate.

Digital Experience Portal


Quickly build white-labeled portals empowering your customers, sales agents, brokers or partners with beautiful and modern digital experiences.

Digital Product Factory


Engage your business users to design customer-oriented products in 4-6 weeks, with complex pricing and underwriting rules configured by mouse clicks.

Digital Customer 360


Start building aggregated, structured and actionable customer data through highly specialized apps for the next level of customer relationship management.

Robo Designer


Empower your tech-savvy users to create financial apps by using the powerful Robo Designer toolbox.

Digital Document Management

Generate paperless documents informed by the data model and make them available for certified digital signature.

Digital Identity Management


Use FintechOS digital identity technologies to automatically capture data and manage Know-Your-Customer processes anytime, anywhere, from any connected device.

Integration capabilities

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