150 online retailers use FintechOS digital lending solution 

TBI Credit, a TBI Bank company operating in Romania and Bulgaria, reached a network of 150 online shops using the 100% digital lending platform developed on FintechOS, a technology company specialized in accelerating the digital transformation of financial institutions. 

The digital lending platform developed and launched by TBI Credit and FintechOS last year, following only two months of development, is dedicated to online stores providing their clients with the option of credit card payments for their purchases. Online retailer shops can install the digital lending platform in a matter of minutes, while customers can get a loan in 10 minutes, without having to go to a physical branch for that. 

FintechOS platform replaces paper-based banking operations with OCR (Optical Character Recognition), video Know-Your-Customer verification done online by a bank operator and qualified electronic signature for paperless contract agreements. These technologies enable customers to get an online credit in a matter of minutes, without extra risks or bank office appointments. 


“Our partnership with TBI Bank is grounded on shared values of trust and innovation. We strongly believe that for TBI the digital lending platform is only the beginning. As for FintechOS, we are commited to provide the best technological solutions in order to keep up with latest trends in digital banking and to position TBI Bank in the first line of digital-first banking companies”, said Teodor Blidarus, CEO FintechOS. 


The digital lending application is accessible on any device – personal computers, tablets or smartphones – the entire process being simplified through integrations with Credit Bureau, Fiscal Authority institution or KeysFin. Anti-fraud mechanisms are activated in real time and customers can resume the application later on from the step they left it, in case the lending process is interrupted somehow before completion. Customers can apply for an online credit anytime – 7 days a week, 24 hours a day – having non-stop online call centre and Live-Chat support. 

”It is not easy to open the way for innovation in a traditional banking market. But the desire and courage to offer our clients a different financing solution, 100% online was sustained by the boldness of our partner, FintechOS, to develop the necessary technology”, stated Kostas Tovil, SVP E-Commerce TBI Bank. 

The digital lending platform is part of a strategic partnership between TBI Bank and FintechOS, based on a three-year digital transformation roadmap aiming to reshape the entire digital strategy of TBI Bank through financial services based on artificial intelligence, biometrics and other modern technologies.  Currently, FintechOS and TBI Bank are collaborating on six operational streams covering all business lines, with a special focus on the lending, factoring and leasing verticals, for both retail and corporate clients.