Highly automated technology, opens the door for financial services to be consumerized.

FintechOS is a TaaS. Our technology creates hyper-personalised digital journeys at speed using automation. Meaning unique, individually tailored experiences can be easily deployed in weeks not months across mobile phones, watches, tablets and digital touchpoints.

Transform faster

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20+ pre-packed automation processors, 150 integrated data sources and 50+ open source apps.

To create hyper-personalised digital journeys at speed, easily automating the layer between data and the front-end customer experience is key.

Expand your solutions

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Create simple or complex journeys effortlessly.

Our technology doesn’t need to integrate every piece of data. Instead micro-services pull in the ’little’ data hidden in the big data. No need for new people, tech or resources.

Discover more journeys

Complex process like frictionless biometric onboarding can now happen anywhere in minutes.

Every day consumers expect more digital innovation to make managing their lives easier, simpler, intuitive and more personalised. FintechOS technology is helping create the same digital transformation across financial services. Hyper-personalisation at hyper speed is now a reality.

Hyper-personalise today