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Fintech Designer is friendly, intuitive, multi-tasking.
Rely on it to prototype an MVP in only 4-6 weeks.
With iterative roll-outs of new functionality coming soon.

Now that is agile.

And it’s keeping you in the game.



Provides tech-savvy business users with
a relevant experience adapted to their needs.
The workspace contains predefined shortcuts
granting fast access to typical features,
literally one click away.

Create Entities


Easily design the data model for your apps
by creating entities to store
high-level business information.
Database provisioning and persistence layer
are both automatically carried on by FintechOS
No need to worry about that anymore.

Add Attributes


Extend the data model by adding attributes
that is a wide range of field types serving
every information need you might want to capture
Text, numeric, file, whole number,lookup
or optionset are common field examples,
but there are more,
waiting for you to explore.

Edit Forms


A default user interface
has been automatically generated so far
allowing you to adapt it as desired
to accommodate various user journeys
for each customer persona.
It really is as easy as this.

Edit Views


All records created so far are aggregated
in a list that you are able to enrich anytime with new fields.
Simply add the attributes you want to see
at a glance when opening the records list.
Choose whatever attributes you like most.
You are perfectly in control.

Define Business Workflows


Configure processes and business flows
by creating a list with all possible statuses
one record might have in time.
Then add rules for going from
one status to another.
Extend them anytime you want.

Preview results


Let’s see what we have achieved so far.
A simple data model and related attributes,
dedicated form and view for a typical user journey
and a business workflow associated to it.
A good baseline to start with, mouse clicks only,
ready to capture data through automation,
integration with cutting-edge technologies
or external data sources.

the unstoppable you


Connect to the ideas and technologies of the future.
And take full ownership of your innovation destiny.
It’s all there, in the Fintech Designer toolkit.

You can do it.

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