By FintechOS · March 30, 2020
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A Letter from FintechOS CEO Teodor Blidarus


To our FintechOS Community,

I hope you’re all safe and well. Like most of you, the FintechOS team is working from home these days, but we’re staying close to our clients and partners to keep the business going.

The only certainty today is that the world isn’t going to be the same tomorrow. We can’t predict what the future of financial services will look like, but I’m convinced those who are well equipped to act and react quickly will prevail.

So it’s important now for all companies to ensure business continuity. We stand behind our customers, striving to implement the most appropriate solutions that are both adapted to the current situation and promise long-term impact. Even in these difficult times, we are committed to developing the tech of the future and bringing it forward into the present.

The Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted the operations of all financial services organizations. Many may be forced to speed up the creation of digital journeys across all touchpoints to meet the demands of new economic realities. Some of our current customers are coming to us in need of tailored solutions launched against the clock, and we’re doing our best to support them.

Accelerating the industry’s digital transformation has always been at the heart of what we do, and that mission is more important now.

Some of the out-of-the-box ready technologies embedded in the FintechOS Solution – like video advisory, digital onboarding and virtual office capabilities – are becoming critical to business continuity in financial services today.

A race to introduce new financial products for a changing world is also emerging out of this crisis, and we stand ready to help our customers stay ahead.

These are challenging times for all of us, but we believe that FintechOS technology can support banks and insurers to ensure business continuity and keep delivering on customer experience, in these difficult times and when we reach the new normal.

In this quarterly newsletter, you’ll find news about our customers and recommended thought leadership pieces for curious minds.

I hope you enjoy it.

Stay safe.

Teodor Blidarus,

CEO and Co-Founder FintechOS

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