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Customer News: Asirom Vienna Insurance Group – working from home and claims services available online

At Asirom Vienna Insurance Group, employees work from home and clients can make claims online 

Asirom is following the authorities’ recommendations to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Employees come to the office during less busy hours and avoid public transport or work from home (almost 50%). Damage claims – notification of damage, complete the claim form or the reassessment request– are available online and it takes 10 minutes or less to make them. The same service is available for payments or for travel insurance, explains Cristian Ionescu, President of the Board of Asirom, the second-largest local insurer and part of Vienna Insurance Group (VIG). 

What measures have you taken in the company to prevent the spread of COVID-19? 

We have followed all the recommendations made by the state institutions. Moreover, our employees are kept informed of how the situation is evolving and the preventive measures they have to follow. We continue to offer them support through the HR, Communication and Security Departments. 

Employees are also advised to avoid public transport and to come to the office during off-peak hours. A working from home policy has also been implemented. 

Asirom is going through a company-wide digitalization effort, and many of the new digital capabilities we now have access to will help us ensure the continuity of the business as normal, keeping it both simple and safe for employees and clients.  

For example, we have greatly reduced the use of paper across the company and a lot of processes and operations are now carried out online, from delivery to document signature. We have also reduced cash payments, offering clients numerous options: online payment on Asirom’s website and in the myAsirom portal, payment through the Pago app, through internet banking and by card in agencies. 

What percentage of employees work from home? 

With the closure of schools, employees who have children and have been forced to stay at home and care for them work from home.  

Other colleagues have chosen to work from home to reduce crowding in the workplace and their exposure to public transport. Together with our teams, both locally and at the company level, we have developed sustainable plans for ensuring business continuity, prioritizing the safety of our colleagues and clients. At present, about 50% of employees work from home, but we won’t prevent this percentage from growing. It may well increase depending on how the situation evolves at the national level and on further recommendations from the authorities. 

Can you sustain the business at a normal level with all these restrictions and people working from home? 

We are prepared to sustain business continuity in normal conditions.  Additional operational competencies have been allocated, the safety and security of employees are protected by adhering to best practices, and all activities are carried out in good working conditions.  

We work constantly to be close to our clients and their needs. Our sales force is always just a call away and so are the benefits of the support of the operational team. Claims services are available online and it takes only 10 minutes to complete a claim form or a reassessment request.  On the website, we have a chatbot dedicated to handling customer queries and requests for information. We are also active on our Facebook page and are contactable by email too.  

Did you already have a policy for remote working in place or you adopted in response to COVID-19? 

At Asirom we have the option to work from home for more than a year. When we committed to making everything simple and safe, we thought about our clients and offering them tailor-made products and services, but we also thought about our colleagues and how we can support them to increase their efficiency and make their workload easier to handle. Our work-from-home policy has been in place for some time and is something that our employees are very familiar with.  

How do you ensure compliance with GDPR and security standards for employees working from home? 

We have specialized departments that maintain security and ensure compliance with every regulatory requirement, on a daily basis and also in special situations. All the employees who work from home have a secured connection and all activity is monitored to ensure that the rules and security policies and procedures of the company are followed. 

What do you think the immediate impact of the COVID-19 epidemic on your business will be? 

At this moment, we cannot estimate the impact as the situation continues to develop. Acting responsibly towards yourself and others, as well as your belongings, is something everyone should take seriously. Our products offer the security of being protected in the event of unusual circumstances, and this is a real need that consumers have, especially in uncertain times.  

“Asirom is going through a company-wide digitalization effort. Our digital capabilities help us to ensure the continuity of the business as normal, keeping it both simple and safe for employees and clients. Most employees work from home and clients can apply for claims online; it takes less than 10 minutes to complete the process. FintechOS is a reliable technology innovation partner in our path to accelerate digital transformation.”

Cristian Ionescu, CEO Asirom, Part of Vienna Insurance Group

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