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By · November 01, 2019
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FintechOS 20 / Genie – Breaking New Ground

Teo Blidarus on stage

Last week, after months of intense planning and development, we launched the latest version of our Hyper-personalised, automated financial technology – FintechOS 20. Our CEO and Co-founder, Teodor Blidarus, code-named this iteration Genie, because like the mythical creature, our technology makes previously impossible and complex processes a reality, accelerating the digital transformation of traditional banks and insurance companies like never before.  

In front of a venue packed with industry experts, clients and partners, and dozens of colleagues following the online stream from our offices in London, Amsterdam, Vienna and Copenhagen, Teodor Blidarus delivered a presentation of hailing fintech disruption features and product highlights. 

He noted in his presentation: “We have created this new version of the FintechOS technology to accelerate the value offered to our existing customers and to respond to the complex requirements coming from the market. From the finance, banking and insurance consumers at a global level. We have already received excellent feedback from over 20 markets in Europe and Asia, where the new version of the FintechOS technology was highly anticipated.” 

But how does the most powerful version of FintechOS technology (to the day!) revolutionise the financial landscape one might ask? It’s quite beautiful. We built an out-of-the-box, open-source, automative solution that financial institutions can use to develop 100% digital customer journeys rapidly. All this is made possible with: 

  • Out of the box apps, well-researched use cases and MVPs; 
  • The unique capacity to integrate data from over 150 data sources; 
  • AI, cognitive technologies, chatbots, and machine learning neatly bundled together; 
  • A no-code Innovation Studio with pre-built customer journeys and flexibility to build your own. 

FintechOS 20 opens the door for financial services to be consumerised like a retail service or FMCG, truly. Let it sink in for a second. Banks and insurance companies now have the tools to meet customer expectations and match the speed and flexibility of Fintechs, their new, agile, and technology-driven competitors.  

The hardest challenge incumbents faced was the integration of data sources, digital technologies, automation processors inside an app. Still, now, thanks to Genie, all is made possible in our Innovation Studio, waiting to be deployed. Just personalise, automate, and transform.

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