By FintechOS · March 23, 2020
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FintechOS Educates You on Financial Processes With Digital Solutions

Community and Learning stand for the education of the people in our community: our internals, partners and clients.

The Product Learning and Community Team at FintechOS has decided to provide education for everyone including internal people with no scientific background. You never know when the interest sparks.

The vision on how to deliver education breaks the borders and limitations of physical distance and helps the community be aware of the innovations our developers are working on.

It is no easy to bring awareness to hundreds of people from a distance, let alone to train them and prepare them to use our product. Although the output of this department falls last in the chain of product engineering, it is the department that enables the partners and clients to use the product.

The team is comprised of people from all walks of life who ensure a smooth sail for our partners and clients.

The Learning team manages the training courses on the Community Portal. Some of the courses include FintechOS Fundamentals, Precertification, Digital Engineering Level 1 and 2. We are preparing new courses and examinations to make it interactive, creative and dynamic. They have found an interactive approach which combines knowledge of the database with a low-code and fast pace material. It takes the reader from level zero of knowledge and builds that knowledge brick by brick.

It is essential to follow through these courses to enrich your knowledge and broaden your horizon. It is free of charge and around the clock available. As our technology evolves, the number of courses is growing and the tasks become more difficult to achieve.

The following piece is the documentation of the Studio, Portal and Digital Journeys. This documentation ensures the personalization and transformation of the product to fit the business needs. It is a modern-day guide, a concise ”how to” and an encouraging message to our clients saying ”After reading this, you can build amazing things yourself”. It includes videos on YouTube explaining fast and simple who to customize and use all functionalities of the Studio and Portal. The videos take an example and illustrate its development from idea to final product. Thus, in 20 minutes a functionality is explained and presented to everyone. We advise you to cover the courses and listen to the videos simultaneously.

If you already know most of this stuff, just watch the YouTube videos for the heck of it.

Additionally, we offer technical documentation for our Digital Journeys that transform the banking and insurance processes from lengthy procedures to a step-by-step, quick and easy to use system of client management.

The last piece of the team is the Community. This part brings together all the following elements: The Release Hub, the App Store, the Academy, the Internal Hub, the Blog and the Content Hub. With the Digital Innovation Passport at hand and ready to log in, a partner or a client can easily gain access to the Portal and keep in touch with us there either taking a course in the Academy set forth by the Learning team or reading a blog post offered by the Community team or downloading from the Release Hub a new version of the FintechOS Genie.

At the end of the day, what does all of this mean to you?

It is an extra-value given to you by us. Access the portal, enroll in the Academy, get your certification using the YouTube videos and slides, and use this newly acquired knowledge to your advantage at work or privately by learning about databases.






The Product Learning and Community Team at FintechOS

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