By FintechOS · December 21, 2020
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Four top-notch events we’ve sponsored this autumn for you to watch on replay


We’ve seen six years of behaviour change happening in six months. This meant rapid growth for nimble fintechs, and specialists in the field more eager to learn than ever before.

To help you prepare, this autumn we’ve organised our own and, partnered with leading conferences on banking and insurance, where we’ve shared our insights on how you can avoid slipping into the common pitfalls of digital transformation, and instead unlock the great potential of personalisation and technology.

FintechOS held its first-ever fully virtual event, FintechOS Annual Summit, featuring banking and insurance days, 12 panel discussions, 60 speakers and a FintechOS Innovation day packed with product demos and case studies from our most esteemed clients.  

FinVision had something for everyone. Attendees learned from industry experts about the future of open banking, augmented underwriting, the transformation of legacy systems, and so much more, topped by how FintechOS solutions help customers drive business performance and lead in their markets with hyper-personalised digital products.  

On-demand content is now available through this link.

Insurance Innovators: Digital Summit streamed live throughout November, with 100+ international speakers joining in from all over the world. The summit was uniquely placed to create event programmes tailored to the changing needs of the market. One of the ah-ha moments of the panel we had sponsored was Karl Lawless (VP of Insurance Sales, FintechOS) explaining how insurers might go about convincing consumers to share their data: “as an industry, we need to explain the benefits […] clearly articulate the benefits to the customer, then naturally they are going to be more willing to share that data in the future”.  

If you’re a leader in insurance and missed the panel discussion around delivering for all demographics, then you can review the recording here.

UK Finance’s Digital Innovation Summit happened across three weeks, with 104 speakers and over 2000 delegates taking part. The conference explored the opportunities and challenges for financial services companies in areas such as open banking, regtech, blockchain, AI and machine learning. At its virtual stand, FintechOS showcased its recent product enhancements and successful client implementations, while Teodor Blidarus, Andra Sonea and Mark Berry talked about the latest industry developments and trends.   

You can access our recordings through this link.

Last October’s ITF IT Matters webinar brought together technology leaders sheds light onto some of the “newer-than-new” developments in digital transformation, plus what’s trending in the London market now.  

The lively discussion can be watched again here.  

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