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By · July 25, 2022
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How embedded commercial insurance can transform the industry and customer experience

DIA featured blogpost

At the DIA Amsterdam event last month, Chris Kay, FintechOS sales director for insurance, presented a digital solution based on Big Data. Our platform empowers you with the tools you need to build SME insurance products that are tailored to customer needs.

Watch a full recording below:

Any flavor, so long as it’s vanilla

In its current form, digital combined commercial, bundling SME insurance with SME banking, is available in any flavor, so long as it’s vanilla.

Bundled add-ons from different providers are personalized at the most basic of levels, and policies are far from tailor made. Small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are facing a financing gap across Europe, meaning they need financial services tailored to their needs more than ever.

What SMEs need, when they need it

This is perfect for appealing to time-poor SMEs who would rather focus on running their business than acquiring financial services. Build products that offer a simple, rapid application process, and puts relevant insurance and banking products at their fingertips.

Best of all, use your SME customers’ own information to automatically generate products that fit their needs and budget during the onboarding process. Delivering the services SMEs need at the price they can afford is the only way insurers can win customer trust.

The FintechOS solution

Our platform can sit on top of your existing digital infrastructure. This allows it to act as the ‘digital glue’ that connects your current estate with the technology you need to offer exemplary SME cover.

To find out more about what the FintechOS platform can do, book a demo.

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