By FintechOS · March 12, 2020
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How FintechOS puts Customer Success First

The financial services landscape is undergoing a radical shift, with the demands of the modern consumer forcing institutions to adopt digital-first strategies. Mark Berry, Customer Success (CS) Director at FintechOS, explains how we are helping FintechOS customers succeed in meeting these demands.

Undertaking digital transformation is not easy, so partnering with FintechOS can’t be a short-term commitment. Our customers do not look to us for a quick fix or easy solution. They expect us to work with them over time and combine our technological expertise and agility with their traditional business models in a way that evolves in parallel with their needs.

But having a market-leading product is not enough. 80% of customers say that the experience a company provides is at least as important as its product (source). At FintechOS we partner our cutting-edge technology with an altogether more human concept: world-class customer service.

Why Customer Success?

Although we now live in a digital-first age, eight out of ten consumers still want another person to deal with their requests and provide customer service (source).

All of FintechOS’ customers are assigned a ‘customer success manager’ (CSM) when they partner with us. Our team of CSMs are responsible for ensuring that customers are achieving success via the use of our technology, which means they are seeing a noticeably positive impact on their business by using FintechOS. We work in parallel with the sales and delivery teams to look after the customer interests and continually bring focus back to the customer’s own objectives.

“Our customers do not look to us for a quick fix or easy solution. They expect us to work with them over time and combine our technological expertise and agility with their traditional business models in a way that evolves in parallel with their needs” – Mark Berry, Customer Success (CS) Director at FintechOS

For the customer, this proactive approach gives them the increased assurance that FintechOS is invested in their long-term success. Our goal is not simply to answer questions and get the customer to renew, but to understand the customer’s own goals and help to achieve them.

Depending upon the customer circumstances, CSMs is engaging with the customer at some point between the late stages of initial sale and final delivery of the project. We are asking questions like:How Customer Success Works at FintechOS

“Why are you partnering with FintechOS?”

“How will you judge whether your choice of FintechOS is a success?”

“What metrics or KPIs are you trying to achieve that you want FintechOS to help you with?”

Once we understand these factors, we continually engage with the customer on these points to monitor how successful our partnership is. CSMs attend workshops and customer meetings, and as the relationship matures, we organise periodic business reviews where key stakeholders on both sides discuss how the partnership is going, what has been achieved so far and how do we define success in future projects.

The CSM also represents the voice of the customer internally at FintechOS. CSMs are our customer evangelists – they understand them better than anyone else. We track and manage customer sentiment over time, whether that’s qualitative sentiment based on conversations or meetings, or quantitative data based on surveys or NPS (Net Promoter Score). If the customer is facing a challenge or is unhappy (it happens…!) it is the responsibility of the CSM to ensure the issue is rectified. Conversely, CSMs engage with our happy customers to procure case studies and references.

When it comes to talking about our product, CSMs are the customer’s gateway into FintechOS. CSMs can connect the customer with our product, engineering, architectural and specialist teams when appropriate, giving the customer insight into our roadmap and what it means for them.

More Than a Technology Solution

FintechOS is much more than a product. When a customer partners with us they are guaranteed to receive the highest level of engagement and service from all our specialist teams – sales, marketing, delivery, consulting, product, enablement and support. By layering customer success over the top of this dynamic, we can guarantee that the long-term investment our customers make in us is a smart one. Our customers’ success is our measure of success.

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About the author: Mark Berry is a Customer Success (CS) Director at FintechOS, where he is responsible for building the CS team at FintechOS. Mark has 13 years of experience in financial services, 10 of which he has spent leading customer success and support teams in subscription-based (SaaS/XaaS) technology companies. You can reach him out on LinkedIn. FintechOS empowers companies to completely transform their digital capabilities. It provides an end-to-end, technology-as-a-service digital system that can help a firm rebuild their entire customer-based platform, ensuring that their business thrives both now and in the future.


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