By FintechOS · March 08, 2021
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A key step on our brand refresh journey.

FintechOS is growing fast, so fast that we wanted to showcase the dynamic team behind our success. It was time for a digital forum, a place to celebrate ourselves. So, to tell the world how great our people are, we’ve built a new website – and it’s all about them. is designed to deliver genuine stories on our team, what they do and who they are. It’s a place for us to share our personalities, life experiences and vision for the future. It features a collection of stories, which are often funny and offer a genuine representation of how we get along. There are insights on our jobs at FintechOS, some handy background information, and even some interviews with our personnel.

Another major force behind this website is our ongoing drive to attract the best talent. Showcasing life at FintechOS helps us to maintain a track record of hiring amazing people. We can show the world what our ambitions are, and who works alongside us to get things done.

Launching this website is all part of sharing the authentic approach we take at FintechOS, and our drive to be real in everything we do and say. That authenticity is part of our DNA and as we grow, we’ve made it our business to protect that. By being genuine and human, we can make sure our prospects and customers always know who they are dealing with. Together we can be honest and bring out the best in each other.” says Radhika Chudasama, People Director at FintechOS.

There’s much more to this website than a list of job openings. It illustrates daily life in each of those positions. is a big achievement and an important step in our evolution. It brings our people together, shares our story, and it’s been a fun project too.

“It’s been a whirlwind, a pleasure and an immersive course in our culture at the same time. To launch this website less than two months after having the idea is an achievement in itself. InsideFintechOS stands for something more than just a recruitment website, it’s our employer brand. We want to show the world who we are, and our guiding principles. This platform captures that nicely.”

For Cristina Danila, VP Brand and Corporate Marketing, this milestone is part of building a brand that can stand the test of time.

The FintechOS brand refresh, and this achievement in particular, are not ‘done-and-dusted’ tasks. You don’t undertake such projects once and check them off the to-do list forever. The market is changing and will continue to do so. The company will keep growing and evolving, and new industries still emerge almost daily. We’re building a brand that’s dynamic and can adapt to many internal and external factors. Without that, we risk being just another fintech and the prospect of ‘brand oblivion’.

The new website is definitely worth a visit, so find out who we are and discover how things work at FintechOS. If you’ve heard enough and want to be part of the team, then we need to know about it. Take a look at the job openings at and get in touch.

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