By FintechOS · June 06, 2022
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Money 20/20: join us for our BNPL report launch

Money 20/20 FintechOS BNPL report launch

Money 20/20 is taking place in Amsterdam this week, and our CEO and co-founder, Teo Blidarus, will be a featured panelist. Come and visit us at our booth as we present our latest report – the BNPL Wayfinder. Let’s look at what you can expect.

What a thrill it is to be able to meet back in person again! We’re so looking forward to seeing all our clients and partners at this year’s Money 20/20 Europe event. We’ll be at booth G23 in Hall 3.

We’re excited to hear our CEO and co-founder, Teo Blidarus, speak as one of the prestigious event’s panelists. Not to mention, we’ll also be taking to the show floor to launch our latest report live and in-person.

Our BNPL Wayfinder is a guide for financial institutions and retailers on why this innovative and lucrative new space will be essential for future growth. It also provides a step-by-step guide on how to enter this new lending market.

The new research we conducted for the Wayfinder shows the space will continue to grow, despite coming regulation. This will see its reach expanding beyond just younger and lower-income demographics. We’re so confident in the importance of this new space, we’ve been working hard to ensure our platform offers all the fintech tools banks and retailers need to create BNPL offerings.

Building on our track record of providing digital lending solutions to leading ecommerce brands in Europe, we’re now offering our BNPL solution to all clients within our current platform release. Banks and lenders worldwide can now develop, roll out, and iterate differentiated embedded finance solutions themselves with our low-code/no-code platform.

To find out more, find our booth at Money 20/20!

Money 20/20 – launching our BNPL report

We’re excited to talk further about our BNPL capabilities. First, however, let’s look more closely at what BNPL is and why we think it’s so important. Buy now, pay later (BNPL) is a new paradigm for an old concept – point-of-sale finance.

Certainly, the regulation of some geographies has treated it this way. There’s more to it, however. BNPL is not just a digital version of store credit. It’s a simplified, faster, more-differentiated way to offer customers finance as part of a checkout process.

Interest in BNPL also isn’t restricted to the younger generation or low-income households. Among the key findings of our BNPL Wayfinder report are that 50% of survey respondents across all age brackets tell us they are open to using BNPL.

Not to mention, a majority of high earners – 58% – say they are more likely to use BNPL. This shows the immediate potential of the space and, perhaps, recommends a pivot in terms of branding for most providers.

Most interestingly of all, our research shows that 30% of respondents would consider using BNPL to pay for more than just fast fashion and electronic devices. Could BNPL be an option for supermarket shopping, employing tradesman to do home improvements, or even ordering takeaway food?

The potential is limitless, which is why we’ve been working to offer this option to our clients.

Our new BNPL solution showcased at Money 20/20

With our experience helping banks and retailers build digital lending products, we’ve supported a number of pioneering BNPL projects in Europe. This means we’re uniquely placed to empower established financial brands to step outside the box of traditional payments and credit product definitions.

From May this year, we’ve upgraded our Lighthouse platform to offer banks and lenders a lean, full-stack financial innovation platform. Lighthouse allows them to build and edit BNPL and embedded lending products, customer journeys, and business automation logic. All this in a single orchestration platform, empowering a wide range of digital developers and stakeholders with a low-code/no-code interface.

Products created with Lighthouse can be integrated into existing business administration systems or administered through fully configurable customer and staff portals. This means the business can run the complete lifecycle of BNPL lending and servicing in a tailored model. All while benefiting from the scalability and performance of the underlying cloud-native, SaaS-based technology stack.

Having successfully completed several pilot projects with embedded finance pioneers in Europe, we’re delighted that Buy Now Pay Later features are now generally available to global banking and lending enterprises to create and iterate their own natively embeddable products and journeys. These are very exciting times for financial innovators and we look forward to seeing what digital maker teams will create next using the FintechOS platform.

— Marcio Spinola, Chief Product Officer, FintechOS

We’re excited to show you our new solution and we’re preparing our booth at Money 20/20 with a full demonstration. Join us at booth G23 in Hall 3 from June 7 to 9.

Find out more about our BNPL solution

If you can’t join us at Money 20/20, we’d still be delighted to be able to show you what we’ve been working on in the BNPL space. If you’d like to learn more about how we can support you in launching your own BNPL offering:

  1. Download our BNPL Wayfinder
  2. Visit our BNPL solution page
  3. Book a personal demo
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