Idea Bank. 300% credit portfolio increase.

Reshaping the digital customer experience to reduce time to money
and maintain IdeaBank’s position as a provider of innovative banking and investment services.

100%digital, omnichannel onboarding solution

99% reduction in ‘time to yes’ for 40% of clients

50%increase in productivity and operational efficiency

The Challenge

As a specialist in retail banking, Getin Holding Group’s challenger bank, Idea Bank, relies on developing new technologies to provide cutting-edge solutions across credit, saving and investment products in a simple, prompt, personal and transparent way. They needed to reshape their customer experience, digitise existing products and automate operational processes to boost their growth in the market and gain competitive advantages.For Idea Bank, achieving this was essential to maintaining their position as a market leader in providing innovative banking and financial services.


Using FintechOS technology, Idea Bank reshaped their customer experience and reduced time to money. Open-source, ready-to-deploy apps empowered the bank to drive digital transformation across all lines of business and enable customer access to powerful, hyper-personalised journeys and products. From streamlined, omni-channel digital onboarding to loan origination based on automated scoring and risk analysis. All tailored for each consumer and SME customer.

Idea Bank’s transformation was powered by our Customer360 and Product engines. Lending products were launched through digital channels in weeks, not months.

Our digital transformation programme delivers the best customer engagement. We provide a simple, bespoke digital customer experience, rapid and without errors. We roll out products almost 10 times faster.

Simina Baiasu – Executive Vice President, Idea Bank

Transforming the digital customer experience

Process & Product

Digital Loan Origination B2C | Digital Loan Origination B2B | Online Savings | Personal Loans | Mortgages | Credit Cards | Onboarding | AI enabled KYC | Single Customer View | Digital Lead Management | Digital Case Management

Channels & Touchpoints

Mobile | Website | Tablet | Branch | Brokers


Product Engine | Risk Assessment Engine | Hyper-personalization Engine | Campaign Automation |Business Rule Engine | Digital Document Management | Business Workflow Management | Cognitive automation (Text analytics, Face Recognition, Liveness, Video)


Open Banking | Hyper-Personalisation | Digital Onboarding | AI-Driven