Howden Group – 5 key insurance applications fully automated in 5 months

Empowering non-technical staff to create, develop, test and deploy omni-channel, customer-facing products in weeks, not months.


The Challenge

The Howden Group IT function was unable to provide a cost-effective delivery path that did not involve a total revamp of cross-divisional technology, in order to enable the business units to deliver their propositions. A legacy core platform that was procured over 30 years ago had been heavily customized since its launch, resulting in a large in-house team of developers supporting the platform.


Howden Group took a decision to set up an innovation function within the Group and launch a technology arm, known as Hyperion X. The FintechOS Northstar platform was selected over other technology partners primarily due to the flexibility of the platform. FintechOS took ownership of the project and deployed a highly skilled delivery team that gave Howden the confidence to architect the solution exactly the way they wanted it.

Key achievements

route 6

Minutes it takes now for new customer onboarding.

bar 60%

Annual customer base growth rate due to faster onboarding.

lines 120%

Growth in profitability due to operating cost savings.

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