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Digital Identity Management
provides a suite of identity technologies,
that creatively combined, helps you manage
risk assessment and onboarding processes.

Optical Character Recognition


Typically used to automatically capture data
reduce manual input and prevent
frauds or identity theft attempts.
You can either upload an existing picture
or take a new one on the spot.

Preview OCR results


You are able to preview the data
captured through OCR technology
and amend it if necessary.
Complex validation rules are enforced
to ensure data accuracy.

Face Recognition


Employed to evaluate claimed identity
against an existing template
or to trigger specialized workflows,
for cases breaching the
defined confidence threshold.

Collaborative Video Stream


Our proprietary technology ensures
remote connection with an operator
entitled to assess the applicant’s identity
by using advanced anti-spoofing
and liveness detection mechanisms.

Web SDK, native mobile SD


Digital Identity Management technologies
are available on mobile devices
and able to trigger native functionalities
like camera, touchscreen or file sharing.

Manage KYC processes
100% online


Expand your business reach beyond traditional borders
by making onboarding process
digital and simple.

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