The on-boarding process is your first interaction with your customers. Set from the very beginning a positive tone for the entire relationship by moving from a lengthy, paper-based, long and inconvenient process to a friendly, fast, and delightful digital experience.

Why Digital OnBoarding?

Digital Customer Behavior


38% of customers drop out of the onboarding process frustrated by the volume of information required on paper. Digital-first customers expect simpler, quicker and more flexible interactions.

Decreasing costs


Traditional in-branch on-boarding process is time consuming, full of manual repetitive tasks that can generate human errors. These could be automated to enable cost reduction and revenue increase.

New market entrants


Purely digital players that provide great customer experience put pressure on traditional institutions, that can meet digital client expectations only by adopting new disruptive technologies.

Why FintechOS


A fully digital onboarding process simplifies the potential customers’ access to financial instruments while reducing the processing time and cost for financial institution. FintechOS orchestrates the whole digital onboarding process with a dedicated end-to-end solution that comes with powerful pre-built AI technologies, optimized to speed up the onboarding in less than 10 minutes. With FintechOS, you can:

Onboard customers

in just 10 minutes, with intuitive interfaces and frictionless data collection

Delight customers

from the beginning of the relationship by offering personalized products

Identify customers

and verify their identity with high level of security and low level of risk

Rely on real data

with automated compliance check, to react on the spot to your business needs

Just Four Simple Steps

  Collect clients’ data and ID documents


The system collects potential client’s data and identification documents and checks the accuracy of the information through OCR (Optical Character Recognition). The data are automatically extracted and verified for checking the authenticity of the customer’s ID (passports, driver’s licenses or national ID cards). FintechOS ensure customized and ready-to-use front end to capture any necessary additional customer’s static data.

The digital onboarding process can be started from any Internet connected device (smartphones, tablets, laptops), anytime, anywhere.

The potential customer can easily upload or scan the identity card with built in camera of any smartphone / tablet / laptop or other internet-connected device for ID OCR process.

Fully customizable additional fields can be manually filled in. The email address is used to sent the link with the resumed process if the customer interrupt it before finalizing the onboarding, and for sending the e-contract.

  Anti-impersonation to ensure the customers identity


The anti-impersonation step ensures that the customers are “who they say they are”. The system checks if their identity matches the identity indicated on the documents and data that have submitted. FintechOS covers both Knowledge-Based Authentication (mainly used in UK) and Facial Recognition methods, using advanced AI facial recognition techniques to compare photo and video from smartphone build-in camera and ID documents.

After the customer start the video call, the call center agent picks up in back-office the potential client from the queue to start the anti-impersonation step.

The call center agent follows the steps of the onboarding process, starting with OCR ID verification. Name, CNP, place of birth, issuing and expiry date, address, can be edited.

Any additional fields (like physical address or other custom fields) are completed according with the onboarding scripts by the call center agent together with the customer.

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  Risk and compliance verification


The risk and compliance verification is performed by running background checks on inputted static data like name, gender, date of birth, country of residence, or nationalities. The KYC verification will assess the potential risks a customer could represent by evaluating the source of income or activity occupation. Based on the final score, the call center agent can pass or stop the onboarding process.

The call center agent can fill in information like occupation, activity occupation, source of income to complete the risk assessment and the KYC verification process

Based on the final score, the call center agent can decline the onboarding by checking the failed button, or can accept the onboarding by checking the passed button.

The system will automatically put the customer in queue for signing electronically the digital contract and for sending the digital contract via email.

  Electronic signature


The electronic signature ensures that a contract is duly signed between the customer and your institution. FintechOS provides powerful built-in electronic signature services provided by the most well known suppliers.

After the video call is passed, the customer receives the request for his consents. Any type of consent can be customized and can be signed electronically.

After clicking for signing, the customer receives the terms and conditions mandatory to be accepted for receiving the qualified signature certificates.

An SMS will be send on phone number with the OTP (one time password) for signing electronically with the qualified certificate. The customer receives on his email address the link for opening and downloading the Contract.



Orchestration is the key element of the entire process, that enables a smooth, transparent and delightful experience for the customer. FintechOS orchestrates the whole digital onboarding experience with a dedicated end-to-end solution that comes with pre-built technology components, carefully tested and optimized to speed up the process in less than 10 minutes.

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