Gone are the days of
mass products

Because one-size-fits-all doesn't actually fit anyone.
Since people have different dreams, needs or happiness criteria.
We are all different. Luckily so.

Welcome to the age of personalization

Experiment innovative products and personalized pricing models.
Address needs that didn't exist 10 year before. Or about to emerge.
Prototype, run A/B tests, re-calibrate.
Practice makes it perfect.

Design intelligent
financial products

Digital Product Factory empowers financial companies
to design customer-oriented and personalized financial products.
With industrial speed, in an agile, flexible and business-friendly framework.

Main Features


From business idea to tangible value, the creative process takes no longer than 4-6 weeks, enabling rapid roll-out of new products and a bigger slice of market share.


Campaigns, product bundles and promotions allow proactive, tailored, and relevant product offerings to reach the next level of customer engagement and satisfaction.

Easy prototyping

With simple and intuitive user interface and vital features like clone product or versioning, prototyping requires only deep business know-how and the right kind of mindset.

Highly configurable

General parameters, scoring criteria or risk matrix are easily configurable, making it extremely convenient to re-calibrate or adjust products with little or no technical skills needed.

Omnichannel Distribution

Configure products once and distribute them omnichannel, maximizing thus both different channel strengths and customers preferences.

Launch new
and exciting products

Expand product portfolio, generate new revenue streams,
or achieve business growth and competitive advantage.
The Digital Product Factory is the perfect experimental playground
to incubate innovation.

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