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Better care without seeing the doctor

In a system already strained by high costs and too few doctors and nurses, the pandemic pushed innovation to the top of the agenda. Due to the pandemic people are confined to their homes and discouraged from visiting a doctor. Insurers can step up and provide solutions for virtual care, personalized health advice and encourage the right behavior through digital engagement. At the same time insurers should optimize claims processing to improve the customer experience, reduce costs, and shorten turnaround times. Regardless of what insurers want to prioritize, a smarter data-driven approach is essential.

Using FintechOS has already helped us improve the efficiency of a number of high importance operations by more than 50%. The system not only allows us to offer a great customer experience, but we’re doing it faster, and we’re doing it without errors.

– Raj Sakaria
Director of Enterprise Architechture, Howden Group Holdings

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