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Design your own products and journey with FintechOS Innovation Studio – in record time

The FintechOS Innovation Studio opens up access to technology through a low code framework. It’s a space where your non-technical teams can create and launch personalized products and journeys – all driven by data and powered by automation. An easy-to-use visual builder makes the whole process easier than you could imagine.

Under the hood

The Innovation Studio is a low-code toolkit that allows non-technical users and fintech developers to build products and customer journeys from scratch or to extend existing functionality. The Innovation Studio lets you work directly with the Evolutive Data Core and the Automation Blocks.

The Innovation Studio enables you to build personalized products and customer journeys and gives you the ability to link these to bespoke customer personas which can be used in omnichannel campaigns. Our low-code framework ensures a short time to market and allows business users to take charge of product creation.

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