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When did you last receive a Christmas card from your customer?

Life insurance has always been an industry that has had trouble keeping in touch with its customers. Agents, brokers, bancassurance, and other indirect channels keep those customers at arm’s length. This is a problem in today’s digital world where consumers are spoiled for choice; convenience and a personal touch is what wins customers over.

For the millennials that should be your future customers, traditional, lengthy, and often intrusive underwriting processes take too long and stand out like a sore thumb compared to other customer experiences they have in their daily lives. Innovation is needed to reduce friction in underwriting and to keep in touch with customers that would otherwise just be names on orphaned policies.

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Using FintechOS has already helped us improve the efficiency of a number of high importance operations by more than 50%. The system not only allows us to offer a great customer experience, but we’re doing it faster, and we’re doing it without errors.

– Raj Sakaria
Director of Enterprise Architechture, Howden Group Holdings

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