FintechOS and certSIGN announce a new, innovative partnership for the financial services market

Banks can now access a 100% digital solution for day-to-day operations, in line with all the regulations and equivalent to a client’s physical presence in the branch.

FintechOS, a global technology provider for financial institutions, including banks and insurers, has formed a partnership with certSIGN, a Trusted Services provider on both the local and international market, to provide banks with a complete, secure and certified solution for conducting day-to-day operations in the digital environment.

Banks will now have the ability* to remotely check clients’ identities and process their personal data. They will also be able to carry out end-to-end operations for individuals and SMEs – from the enrollment of new customers (onboarding) to the signing of the documents for credit products. This can be done completely remotely by electronic signature, which will have the same value as a handwritten signature.

The entire digital process will be equivalent to the conventional branch visit paid by the customer, and this is the novelty offered by the joint FintechOS – certSIGN solution. The solution meets mandatory requirements around identifying both non- and new customers while providing the facility for obtaining an electronic signature with legal value – whether for simple operations, such as onboarding or for credit services provided to individuals or SMEs.

Once the customer is identified and enrolled, they can choose to interact exclusively with the bank through digital means, signing all documents electronically.

Tens of thousands of electronic interactions take place every day in the financial services industry with the support of FintechOS solutions; solutions that have been developed alongside FintechOS’s partners and are appropriate for a wide variety of scenarios – from purchasing health insurance policies to enrolling an SME for a loan.

Todi Pruteanu, Partnerships Manager at FintechOS, said: “Our partnership with certSIGN is very relevant in the current context. We have extended the options for trusted services already integrated into FintechOS solutions, and each financial services provider is able to choose the most appropriate one according to its internal policy and the applicable compliance requirements.

A leading financial institution working on developing digital products and online-based retail processes has already validated this common solution. It is obvious that both companies and customers prefer digital interaction – the trend that is being accelerated in the pandemic and is, most likely, irreversible.”

“In the current context, the digitalization of business processes plays a very important role not only in terms of time but also in terms of protecting the health of clients. The solution that we managed to develop and later implement at OTP Bank, with the help of our partner FintechOS, is in accordance with the European eIDAS Regulation and offers customers the opportunity to be remotely identified and sign documents from a distance, remotely, as if they were physically present at the bank branch.

This solution can be successfully adopted by any other provider of banking products in Romania or abroad”, said Adrian Floarea, CEO of certSIGN.

The solution developed by FintechOS and certSIGN can be availed of by customers from any EU member state and can also be used by companies based in any country of the EU.

The mechanism for implementing the FintechOS-certSIGN solution has become part of the certSIGN process and complies with national and European regulations. This process was audited in the summer of 2020 and notified to the Supervisory Body of Qualified Trusted Services Providers in Romania.


* Starting with August, the mechanism for issuing the qualified digital certificate based on video identification is functional, this one becoming certificated according to the eIDAS Regulation 910/2014.


About FintechOS

FintechOS ( provides financial institutions from more than 20 markets, on four continents, with access to state-of-the-art technology that accelerates the digital transformation of customer interactions.

FintechOS’s core technology allows financial services providers to redefine the customer experience, offering them a complete digital journey through intelligent automation of digital processes. The products and experiences are hyper-customized for each customer.

The FintechOS story

Launched in 2018, FintechOS has grown its global client portfolio to include more than 40 organizations in banking, insurance and the broader financial industry. Millions of people now have access to hyper-personalized financial products and services based on FintechOS technology.

In the first quarter, FintechOS recorded a 300% increase in revenues compared to the first 3 months of 2019. At the same time, FintechOS doubled its number of new customers since outbreak of the pandemic. Recently, FintechOS was recognised as Europe’s Hottest Fintech Startup of the Year, for “helping banks and insurers build digital products in weeks rather than months, and for onboarding 30 clients across the world, with $25bn under management”.

In 2019, FintechOS announced an A Series round of investment worth 14 million USD. According to CB Insights, FintechOS was one of the best-funded European startups last year.

About certSIGN

certSIGN, the leading developer of cryptographic solutions and reliable services in Romania, provides trusted services in accordance with the requirements of the eIDAS Regulation. Its solutions are fully developed in Romania and specially designed for the specific needs of the business environment and to guarantee the security of personal data. certSIGN helps companies to protect electronic sensitive data, from contracts and online transactions to information saved on workstations and servers, being involved in projects about digital identity, electronic signatures and cyber security in more than 20 countries.

certSIGN is the only supplier in Romania of electronic qualified signature and remote electronic seal, through ”Paperless” system, which obtained the remote Qualified Signature and Seal Creation Device, in conformity with eIDAS. This one is on the EC list of approved devices, the only official reference at EU level:


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