FintechOS launched the latest version of its transformative financial technology, FintechOS20 / Genie

Fintech 20 is launched 

FintechOS proudly launched the latest version of its transformative financial technology to a packed audience on Thursday 31 October 2019. Called FintechOS 20 or more commonly Genie, the theme of the event was ‘Dream the impossible dream’. Because like a Genie, the latest iteration of the technology males previously impossible and complex processes a reality. Accelerating the digital transformation and hyper-personalisation of banks and insurance companies like never before. 


The event 

The FintechOS 20, was attended by more than 150 local and international fintech experts, clients and partners. It was also streamlined to live to the companies offices in London, Amsterdam, Vienna and Copenhagen. During the event, Teo Blidarus CEO of FintechOS along with the technical, development and product teams showcased the latest features with live demos from mobile devices. Highlighting the ease of personalisation and deployment across popular digital touchpoints. 


What is new about FintechOS 20? 

So how does the latest and most powerful version of FintechOS technology revolutionise the financial landscape?  

Put simply, FintechOS 20 allows the development of transformative digital products and services using a range of out-of-the-box apps and MVPs. These make personalising and automating the digital customer experience faster and more affordable than ever. In 4-6 weeks, previously complex processes such as onboarding, loans, savings, pensions, insurance enrollment and first notification of loss can be deployed easily. All at a fraction of previous costs. 

What’s more, FintechOS is open source to encourage customisation and faster development of innovative transformative solutions. All made possible by the FintechOS Innovation Studio which allows teams from technical, marketing, project management, and others to collaborate seamlessly without the need to know how to code. 

Teo Blidarus, CEO and Co-founder of FintechOS, 

“We have created this new version of the FintechOS technology to accelerate the value offered to our existing customers and to respond to the complex requirements coming from the market. From the finance, banking and insurance consumers at a global level. We have already received very good feedback from over 20 markets in Europe and Asia, where the new version of the FintechOS technology was highly anticipated.” 


FintechOS 20 Genie launch highlights  

Genie showcased many new and evolved features. Thanks to Genie’s highly automated technology, the latest version opens the door for financial services to be consumerised like a retail service or FMCG. Highlights included: 

Ability to hyper-personalised the digital customer journey at speed, thanks to its unique capacity to integrate data from over 150 integrated data sources. Unleashing the true potential of existing systems to deliver personalised digital journeys without the need for expensive data integration.  

Create real-time hyper-personalised products, services and offers across any digital channel using AI, cognitive technologies, chatbots and machine learning. To deliver unique contextualised customer experiences that can be easily deployed across everyday devices like mobile phones, watches and tablets. 

Significant reduction of operational and development costs, thanks to 20+ pre-packed automation processors and 50+ open source apps ready to deploy. These digitalise and automate previous complex processes such as KYC, advanced risk analysis, scoring and automated ratings, and regulatory compliance. 

Ease of access to technology to build innovative financial solutions using the Innovation Studio. A collaborative development environment where Product and Marketing Managers, business consultants and architects can quickly build innovative solutions that were previously only accessible to experienced developers. 


FintechOS success story 

Launched in 2018, FintechOS has already, millions of people globally are successfully consuming hyper-personalized products and services using FintechOS technology. In only 24 months FintechOS has onboarded 40+ clients across the World, has $25bn under management, and opened offices in London, Amsterdam, Vienna, Copenhagen and Bucharest. With plans to expand East and West in 2020. The introduction of FintechOS 20 or Genie is predicted to increase in turnover of over 450% YoY, according to expectations. 

Teodor Blidarus, FintechOS CEO and Co-founder proudly stated at the event, “We are expecting to expand next year our current client portfolio at the same pace, as a result of the innovations brought by FintechOS 20.” 

“Any financial organization that wants to accelerate its digital transformation process really should put FintechOS 20 on the agenda. With the help of the TaaS (Technology as a Service) business model, the solutions offered to our clients meet the demands of the financial services users who are looking for real-time personalised, digital services.”  

“With the new version, FintechOS will invest significantly in developing its partner ecosystem in key markets for rapid business development. The company will be strongly supported to expand its operations on external markets by strategic alliances and by a community of certified specialists in selling and implementing solutions based on the FintechOS technology.” concluded Blidarus. 


About FintechOS – 

FintechOS believes easy access to finance is as essential as electricity, water and education. Our mission is to change the way people experience and engage with financial technology by putting automation and personalisation at the heart of innovation, transforming the digital customer experience quickly and affordably. 

To do this we have a hub of 20+ pre-packed automation processors, 150 integrated data sources and 50+ open source apps, ready to go. These APIs and core product business solutions work with Salesforce, Adobe, Oracle and other proven tools. Automating this layer with FintechOS technology delivers intelligent business automation in weeks, not months or even years. 

The FintechOS portfolio of global clients includes NN, ERSTE, Vienna Insurance Group, Orange Money, Hyperion Group, TBI Bank, Transylvania Bank and Idea Bank. With offices in London, Amsterdam, Vienna, Copenhagen and Bucharest and expanding operations to the United States and Asia in 2020.