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Consistently deliver business value, month in month out, using an agile and light-weighted framework open to innovation. Nice and easy. Because this is what technology is all about.

Make technology
work for you

FintechOS Innovation Core orchestrates and integrates all the processes that financial apps need to run and perform.

How it works
in a nutshell

Digital Data Enablement

  • evolutive data models
  • powerful analytics
  • open API

Digital Process Automation

  •  digital flow automation
  •  automated decisions
  •  orchestration capabilities
  •  paperless document management
  •  digital signature
  •  IoT connectivity


  • omnichannel user journeys
  • omnichannel communication
  • diital data input through OCR
  • video streaming & biometrics

Artificial Intelligence

  • robotics (chatbots, integration bots)
  • natural language processing

What are the benefits?

Simplified architecture

Provides a streamlined and unified infrastructure for all financial apps, one that can grow with the company, cutting through the complexity of IT spaghetti systems.

Smoother integrations

Makes integration a feature, with financial apps seamlessly integrated and informed by OPEN API to ensure they work hand-in-hand with legacy systems.

Reliable and safe

Deployed on production in complex international roll-outs, with high volumes of data and strict security requirements successfully met.

Growing App ecosystem

Enriched by a rapidly growing app ecosystem available for companies to plug-and-play and bringing benefits in terms of speed, practicality and productivity gains.

Delightful Portals

Provides beautiful, friendly and modern experience portals that are white-labeled and perfectly able to accommodate multiple digital journeys.

Unleash the power of
financial technology

An Innovation Core acts as a technological catalyst empowering banks and insurance companies to accelerate innovation and to creatively disrupt financial services as they are.

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