FintechOS Innovation Studio – design your own journey and products in record time

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We built the FintechOS Innovation Studio to open up access to tech through a low-code framework. The Innovation Studio is where your non-technical teams can create and launch truly personalized products and customer journeys. All driven by data and powered by automation. An easy-to-use visual builder makes the whole process simple and accessible.

Without writing a single line of code, users can:

  • Build and Extend Data Models
  • Build Data Pipes to More Than 150 External Data Sources
  • Build Digital Customer Journeys
  • Create Digital Customer Personas
  • Create Business Rules, Decision Matrices and Scoring Engines

So what is under the hood?

The Innovation Studio is a low-code toolkit that allows non-technical users and fintech developers to build products and customer journeys from scratch or to extend existing functionality. The Innovation Studio lets you work directly with the Evolutive Data Core and the Automation Blocks.

The Innovation Studio enables you to build personalized products and customer journeys and gives you the ability to link these to bespoke customer personas that you can use in omnichannel campaigns. Our low-code framework ensures a fast time-to-market and allows business users to take charge of product creation. The Innovation Studio contains:

Product and Service Design

From simple to highly complex financial products and services, the Innovation Studio’s low-code technology is a powerful tool that lets business teams create valuable customer experiences in no time at all. Drawing on rich data insights at every level of the journey, each customer can receive a tailored, bespoke offering that satisfies individual needs and creates lasting engagement.

Customer Journey Design

Customer Journey Design enables tailored customer journeys for every task your customers need to perform and can automate business processes for an efficient end-to-end digital experience. Customer Journeys are orchestrated based on customers’ personas, contextual data, and behaviour. They also allow you to check for fraud, KYC, and scoring or underwriting rules in real time. A comprehensive set of tools such as a forms designer, a layout designer, and various validation engines help you build the perfect user experience.

Personas & Omni-Channel Campaigns

The Innovation Studio lets users to implant personalization across the FintechOS platform. Personas and personal characteristics can be used to tailor product and service offerings to the customer and create truly unique experiences. The Innovation Studio allows for the definition of customer personas based on demographics, age, location, needs, and previous interactions.
Similarly, audiences can be defined for omnichannel marketing campaigns that are computed in real-time and are always up to date. Campaign management includes advanced functionality such as deliverability optimization, audience management, multi-stage campaigns, A/B testing, and a full execution log.

Ecosystem Integrations

The Innovation Studio gives you the ability to use over 150 pre-integrated business solutions from the ecosystem. This avoids needing to buy or build functionalities that are not part of your core business. The Innovation Studio makes these services available without the need for integration first, so that you can strengthen the customer experience with external services, but also strengthen risk assessment and underwriting with external data providers.

Workflows and Business Rules

Workflows help organizations coordinate tasks between people and synchronize data between systems to improve efficiency and remove analogue processes. FintechOS’ Innovation Studio facilitates the design and visualization of workflows, the creation of adaptive business rules and the automation of manual processes. Role-based access and a full audit trail are included to control access to workflows as well.

Scoring and Rating Engines

The Innovation Studio includes scoring and rating engines that allows for the automatic evaluation of custom business rules in customer journeys. It is typically used to power credit decisions, underwriting processes, and approval flows. It relies on decision matrices that incorporate a variety of evaluation criteria, allowing implementation of complex decision modeling for business processes. Our scoring and rating engines allow business users to make complex financial calculations with our visual design tools.

Data Model Design

Innovation Studio is built to let you use all the data from the Evolutive Data Core. That means you can always respond to changes or new opportunities with speed. You can extend data models and enrich them through integration with various external or internal data sources. Tables, fields, and relationships are automatically added to the database and made accessible through APIs.

Analysis and Dashboards

Analyze the performance of your business in a comprehensive and highly visual way with the Analytics Engine in the Innovation Studio. The Analytics Engine has embedded Microsoft Power BI functionality for comprehensive and interactive data analysis capabilities. Data integrity and accessibility is governed by security roles.

Give every team the tools to innovate with FintechOS Innovation Studio

Both technical and non-technical teams can innovate with our dual framework

The Low-Code Approach

The FintechOS Innovation Studio was created to bring Customer Experience managers, data scientists and product managers together. It’s a place where everyone can build new products and services, even if they don’t know how to code.

The interface is intuitive, designed for a visual drag ’n’ drop approach. Like a website builder. So anyone can integrate pre-built apps and solutions, customize existing ones or create their own.

The Pro Code Approach

You can use the full breadth of the technical knowledge in your company by enabling Data Engineers, IT Staff, and technically oriented team members to develop solutions that drive your business.

The innovation Studio has a Developer version for those with the right technical skills to take advantage of FintechOS’ superior flexibility.