Launch with FintechOS Lean Core

Whether you’re launching a new product line or a new company, FintechOS Lean Core offers speed-to-market in a flexible and scalable way.

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Lean Core Approach

Launching a completely new brand or service is a popular strategic choice for providers looking to adjust to the changes caused by disruption in the financial sector.

All new entrants want to hit the ground running and go-to-market as soon as possible. This calls for a lean approach: build a technical stack with only the features needed now, and build it fast.

But what about all the functionality needed down the line? When new ventures become successful they need to scale fast, by launching additional products or entering new markets. This is where companies run into the limits of their home-grown core systems.

Flexibility and the ability to scale up over time should be a key requirement for any greenfield bank or insurer, and FintechOS Lean Core offers built in scalability.

Start light and scale up later

FintechOS Lean Core offers banks, financial service providers, and insurers the opportunity to bring products and services to market faster. Our Lean Core allows companies to operate a full-stack for just the products and services they want to start with, without running into scaling problems later on. The Lean Core is built on an extensible data model that is flexible by design, it will grow and pivot with your business so that you can react to changes in requirements and opportunities in the market quickly, without facing big overhauls.

Under the hood

The Lean Core builds on the Evolutive Data Core by adding Core Administration and a General Ledger to offer a full-stack set-up. In addition to these capabilities the Lean Core also includes all other functionality found in the Evolutive Data Core such as the Product Catalogue, Customer 360,

and data integrations with both internal siloed data sources as well as over 150 pre-integrated business solutions from the ecosystem. This enables companies to create value faster with internal means but also leverage on external services.

Customer 360

The ability to create a customer 360 view right in the core is unique. It opens up the possibility to create links between product and service definitions and customer personas so that for the first time personalization goes beyond the customer experience and enters the realm of tailored products.

Product Catalog

Define new products and services based on the financial data and business rules you are familiar with but also based on customer 360 data and any of the information linked through ecosystem services. In combination with the Innovation Studio business users can use low-code to make bespoke scoring in rating algorithms to make specialized and innovative products easy to launch.

Data Integrations

The Lean Core build on the Evolutive Data Core and so it benefits from the extensibility and flexibility of its data model. Current and future data, in whatever format, can be incorporated into the Lean Core. Extensible by design, it scales in line with business needs.

Core Administration

Core Administration powers the servicing of products defined in the Product Catalog. It offers the opportunity to improve the experience for existing customers because it incorporates customer 360 data. This opens up opportunities for personalization and data-driven decision making that have never been possible before in core systems.

General Ledger

The Lean Core offers a General Ledger so that you don’t need to rely on a separate system of record. The General Ledger benefits from the same flexibility found throughout the FintechOS platform to ensure a short time-to-market.