FintechOS 20.R2: Built to deliver end-to-end customer experience digitisation in weeks

Product release: FintechOS launches FintechOS 20.R2, re-engineered to deliver end-to-end customer experience digitisation for banks and insurers at speed

FintechOS, the global provider of technology for the digital transformation of banks, insurance companies and other financial services organisations, has launched its latest version of technology – FintechOS 20.R2.

London, June 23 2020 – The technology has been redesigned and re-engineered in the last months to help Financial Services organisations respond quickly to the Covid-19 crisis and close fast remaining digital gaps. Furthermore, the upgraded technology empowers them to easily roll out end to end, hyper-personalised digital customer journeys with unparalleled speed to market, enhance digital engagement and meet changing clients needs.

During the lockdown, banks and insurance companies continued to provide services (mostly digitally) to their customers, some having to rethink traditional operating models and digitise at speed. However, for many customers conversion to digital is not straightforward. Assistance solutions like co-browsing, video call centres, virtual branches became a necessity while technical solutions for rapid, context agnostic implementation lacked in the market. FintechOS’s cloud-native technology has been rebuilt to enable FS organisations to act and react much faster to the new digital reality and ensure business continuity whilst keeping it both simple and safe for employees and customers.

Some of the main benefits and product enhancements include:

•                  Faster and more cost-effective: The FintechOS Innovation Studio was rebuilt around customer journeys to empower banks and insurance companies to open up innovation and develop end to end customer journeys at speed. Non-technical teams can easily design and build hyper-personalised customer journeys, and they don’t have to start from scratch – they can use open-source, pre-built customer journeys to hit the market in weeks instead of months.

•                  Better digital collaboration capabilities: plug & play capabilities like video-calling, remote assistance or co-browsing help banks and insurers enhance self-serve digital journeys with a human touch and adapt extremely fast to the new digital reality. All combined with low code, secure deployment of business automation processors directly into customer journeys (i.e. OCR, Liveness, KYC tools, decision or calculation engine).

”We’re committed to developing the tech of the future and bringing it forward into the present” – Teodor Blidarus, CEO and Co-Founder of FintechOS.

•                  Data-driven, automated digital journeys due to the enhanced data core with API (REST and SOAP) out-of-the-box capabilities – by seamlessly connecting to internal legacy systems and external data streams (fintech included), FS firms can enhance and automate digital journeys and tackle customer experience gaps.

”We are experiencing an accelerated demand for rapid digitisation of existing and new product streams in financial services organisations in the last months. We stand behind our customers and partners, striving to implement solutions that are both adapted to the current situation and promise long-term impact. Even in these difficult times, we’re committed to developing the tech of the future and bringing it forward into the present”, said Teodor Blidarus, CEO and Co-Founder of FintechOS.

FS organisations’ need for digital solutions has increased significantly since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, reflecting widespread behavioural change amongst consumers. In the UK, France and Germany, for example, 60% of consumers say they are using less cash today and 22% expect to bank online more in the next 1-2 years.

It’s clear that for both FS organisations and their customers “business as usual” will look very different in the post-lockdown world. FintechOS latest version of its transformative financial services technology equips banks and insurers to respond quickly to the new economic reality.

FintechOS is hosting a dedicated webinar on this topic on June 23th, at 11.00 a.m. UK time – The Future of Financial Services in a Brave New World – and how organisations can use tech for agile, end-to-end customer experience digitisation.


About FintechOS

FintechOS ( believes in changing the way people engage with financial technology. The company’s centrepiece technology, FintechOS, puts automation and personalisation at the heart of innovation, allowing financial services providers to transform the digital customer experience quickly and affordably.

The FintechOS portfolio of global clients includes ERSTE, Vienna Insurance Group, Orange Money, Hyperion Group, TBI Bank, Transylvania Bank and Idea Bank. With offices in London, Amsterdam, Vienna and Bucharest, the company is planning to expand operations to the United States and Asia in 2020. For more information, please visit:


FintechOS success story

Launched in 2018, FintechOS has onboarded 40+ banking and insurance clients across the world. Millions of people globally are successfully consuming hyper-personalised products and services using FintechOS technology.

In 2019, FintechOS closed its Series A round of investment of about 14 million USD – placing the company among the best-funded European start-ups, according to a CB Insights report.

In the first quarter of 2020 FintechOS consolidated its growth by increasing YoY revenues by 300% in comparison to Q1 2019. FintechOS also doubled the number of new customers during the COVID-19 crisis compared to the 6 months before the pandemic.

”Many financial services organisations may be forced to speed up the creation of digital journeys across all touchpoints to meet the demands of new economic realities and rethink traditional operating models. Accelerating the industry’s digital transformation has always been at the heart of what we do, and that mission is even more important now” stated Teodor Blidarus.



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