Introducing FintechOS Northstar

The digital insurance platform

Escape siloed, legacy systems and win back consumer trust by using our technology to create innovative digital and parametric insurance products that are hyper-personalized to customer needs.

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Global insurers already powered by Northstar

FintechOS Northstar is tailored to our clients

Northstar is our innovative insurance solution designed to empower insurers with best-in-class digital tools to create customer-centric, hyper-personalized and parametric insurance products to keep up with innovative trends in insurance.

As an insurance solution provider, we offer a platform that can work with legacy systems, but remain future-proof by following insurers as they seamlessly migrate to the digital cloud at their own pace.

What makes Northstar different?

Composable core blocks

Unique, digital financial services that speak customers’ language and drive sales

Self-service no-code/low-code

Empower digital makers to innovate without relying on technical teams

Cloud-native architecture

Our cloud-based core architecture supports ecosystem innovation to enable incumbent and challenger insurers to win back customer trust

Inside FintechOS Northstar

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Existing Omnichannel & Mobile App

Embedded Insurance

Existing Middleware Infrastructure

Customer Journey Accelerators

Ecosystem Hub

Innovation Catalog

High Productivity Fintech Infrastructure (HPFI)


Lean Core

Existing Core Insurance Systems

Embedded Insurance

From bancassurance to bundled cover, Northstar opens up a world of new channels to market. Watch your cover grow organically to merge with third-party tools and become an essential, “ambient” service.

Northstar allows you to seamlessly integrate your products into a variety of third-party apps out-the-box, and build your own integrations with our no-code/low-code interface.

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Customer Journey Accelerators

Don’t wait to develop and launch innovative products yourself. Our ready-made Customer Journey Accelerators act as templates for new products that you can launch immediately.

Simply customize an Accelerator with your own branding and you can be ready to launch to market in days.

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Ecosystem Hub

The real value of embedded insurance is the partnerships you can build with third-party vendors, reaching new customers in a new space. Enable these partnerships with ready-made Connectors that can link your products to a range of powerful external services.

Even better, you can create your own seamless Connectors with our no-code-low-code interface in our Ecosystem Hub.

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Innovation Catalog

All our Accelerators and Connectors are available for download from the Marketplace in our Innovation Catalog. Whatever you need, you can either build or add to our platform.

In the future, we plan to allow our FintechOS Community members to upload and share their innovations so we can build the future of banking together.

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High-Productivity Fintech Infrastructure

Value at speed is the definition of productivity, and our high-productivity financial tech is the engine that will drive a revolution in financial services by powering:
• a full-stack solution for end-to-end innovation across the entire customer journey
• data-driven architecture that enables all your siloed customer touchpoints across legacy systems to merge together into actionable customer profiles
• a no-code/low-code, self-service interface to empower digital makers to innovate and evolve product offerings

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Lean Core

Empower your organization with an agile, adaptable foundation from which to build the infrastructure you need to win hearts and minds.

Whatever the future holds, you can organically move and grow your infrastructure to support innovation, growth, and success.

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Our solutions

Life and health insurance

Recent events have put health at the forefront of customers’ minds. Yet, the healthcare and life insurance industry has been shocked, and health and life insurers have had to quickly pivot to remote consultations and data analytics-based risk assessment, while dealing with a surge in claims.

To meet these challenges, insurers must begin offering virtual care, health insurance claims processing software, personalized health recommendations, and behavioral incentives to bring much-needed benefits to members in order to engage younger consumers.

Our Northstar platform allows insurers to move into the digital landscape, even under the time pressure that current events have placed on the transition. We’re empowering insurers to meet a surge in customer demand.

Home insurance

In many territories, home insurance is a legal requirement, while research is showing consumers do not believe insurers will pay out on claims. This leaves insurers in a race-to-the-bottom to offer the lowest-value insurance.

To win consumers back, home insurers must offer more than simple cover to home owners. That’s why digital disruptors are thriving in the home insurance industry.

Retain share of wallet by beating the disruptors at their own game and matching their tech. Northstar empowers legacy systems to offer innovative digital products.

Pet insurance

The pet insurance market is an incredible opportunity for insurers. With pet ownership on the rise, but pet insurers offering basic, untailored cover through outdated channels, a digital pet insurer offering innovative products could become the next financial services success story.

To do so, insurers need to enter the digital space with differentiated and hyper-personalized products to win over customers by showing they care about their pets as much as they do.

Northstar’s new pet insurance Accelerator is designed to give insurers a template to launch innovative pet insurance products in days.

SME insurance

SMEs have always accessed business insurance through trusted brokers, but the last few years have seen businesses cutting back on insurance spend and driven a desire for innovative, digital commercial insurance.

Insurers have still to find that golden bullet that will win over SMEs to the digital insurance market, but the path is clear for an insurer to utilize the right tech to permanently disrupt the SME insurance sector.

Use Northstar to create innovative, hyper-personalized insurance products that prove to SMEs that commercial cover is worth having.

What our clients have to say about us

  • 120% revenue growth across key product lines.
  • 60% growth in customer base.
  • Onboarding now takes just 6 minutes.

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