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Hyper-personalisation. Super-fast and super-easy for everyone.

Welcome to our Innovation Studio. This is where the creation and deployment of automated and hyper-personalised journeys happens. Importantly, it makes creating complex digital journeys as easy and quick to construct as simple ones. And it’s human. The interface is intuitive, with a friendly very visual drag ’n’ drop approach. Like a website builder. So, anyone can integrate pre-built apps and solutions, customise existing ones or create their own. There are no real barriers or limitations to how you architect a digital journey.

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Open source for
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All our apps are open source and open for anyone to play with. There’s a wealth of pre-built banking and insurance apps and solutions ready to go. Feel free to choose from over 150 in our constantly growing App Store.

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The Community is an ecosystem of ideas. Where everyone can share everything and anything about FintechOS technology. If you’re excited about digital automation, personalisation and transformation, it’s your new home.

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