Personalized digital account opening for banks and credit unions

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Banking is a journey, not a destination

FintechOS provides banks and credit unions of all sizes with the future-fit tools they need to quickly launch and manage personalized products and experiences to meet the needs of its customers and members at scale.

  • Quickly modernize your digital banking channels without disrupting your core
  • Streamline account opening across any channel or device and drive new core deposits 24/7
  • Reduce the reliance on IT and legacy fintech providers
  • 6-8 week implementation on top of your existing banking core
  • Cut onboarding time up to 80%
  • Reduce customer acquisition costs up to 30%
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Move faster than the challengers

A well-designed omnichannel banking experience and the underlying core processes are vital to staying relevant in your local market. Maximizing your digital account opening and onboarding experiences now can help your financial institution achieve new levels of growth and success in weeks, not months.

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Retail Banking

Market to a segment of one.

FintechOS gives financial institutions the power to respond to local customers and members’ needs with data-driven, modular, and personalized solutions; quickly, affordably, and at scale.

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Business Banking

Finally, make the leap from bank to business partner.

With our personalization and automation tools, non-technical teams can design bespoke business banking products and experiences tailored to meet your customer’s needs.

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Credit Unions

Increase member satisfaction and loyalty.

Eliminate friction at the point of engagement and enable end-to-end account origination and onboarding in minutes.

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Scale quickly with end-to-end automated workflows

At FintechOS, customer journeys are built with automation blocks. These pre-built modules allow financial institutions to build experiences that drive business results at scale.

  • Leverage customer journey templates that are pre-built, front-to-back integrated, and adaptable
  • Create end-to-end digital onboarding journeys that integrate the latest technologies for identity management, including out of the box configurations for KYC, AML, and BSA requirements
  • Ready-made integration with third-party data and APIs connectors

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