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FintechOS and Onfido concluded a global partnership agreement

FintechOS and Onfido are proud to reveal the launch of their global partnership to provide financial institutions, innovative solutions, operationally and commercially hustle-free and with little to no integration effort by customer.  

14 February 2022
FintechOS + Onfido

FintechOS and Onfido are proud to reveal the launch of their global partnership to provide financial institutions, innovative solutions, operationally and commercially hustle-free and with little to no integration effort by customer.  The collaboration is already validated in projects delivered to leading Financial Institutions in Europe and the UK. 

With this partnership, Onfido’s solution on identity verification can be integrated in FintechOS’s journeys for customer onboarding, lending, quote and buy or claims management and is available to be used out of the box. Both Lighthouse and Northstar, our customer-centric platforms for banks and insurers helping the customer bring smarter products faster while providing personalized experiences, use Onfido identity verification and liveness services. 

While offline verification can be significantly slow as it requires manual verification and sometimes mailing forms, or the user going in-branch, since COVID lockdowns in March 2020, customers are more actively using online accounts.  Onfido’s identity verification and authentication solution offers customers the flexibility of an automated process using artificial intelligence (AI) technology, and a hybrid approach that combines its AI and expert human analysts, delivering the speed and consistency of automation, plus the accuracy and expertise of a human team. Users can verify their real identity for online services and products anytime, anywhere, with a user-friendly experience. 

Moreover, Onfido recently announced the opening of its new regional HQ in Amsterdam, to offer further support for European customers given the increased demand for trusted identity services, particularly from financial services and mobility sectors where identity verification is essential for KYC and AML compliance, verifying real identities remotely and combating identity fraud. 

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About FintechOS 

FintechOS is driving a paradigm shift in the way financial products and services are created by making banks and insurers truly customer-centric. 

We consolidate critical data from multiple sources like existing databases and ecosystem APIs and these rich data insights are automatically plugged into every step of the customer journey to create truly personalized offerings. Our tech integrates seamlessly with existing IT systems and our low code tools quickly empower organizations to design valuable customer experiences. 

These capabilities free our customers to tailor products, services, and interactions to a segment of one, increase ROI and decrease time-to-market. 

FintechOS Lighthouse is designed to build end-to-end banking customer journeys that are fit for the future – it enables the delivery of smarter, personalized products and services. Pre-built functionality and low-code empower organizations to create value quickly. Move away from legacy systems or keep them in place – it’s all possible. 

FintechOS Northstar, our customer-centric platform for insurance lets insurers deliver clever products and services, at a faster rate. Our platform makes continuous innovation and fast go-to-market a reality. At the same time, it reduces cost via end-to-end digital customer journeys and increased efficiencies. 

The FintechOS Innovation Studio opens up access to innovation through a low code framework. It’s a space where your non-technical teams can create and launch personalized products and journeys – all driven by data and powered by automation. 

About Onfido  

Onfido is setting the new identity standard for digital access. The company digitally proves a user’s real identity using artificial intelligence (AI), by verifying a photo ID and comparing it to the person’s facial biometrics. This means businesses can verify their users without compromising on experience, conversion, privacy, or security. 

Recognised as a global leader in AI for identity verification and authentication, Onfido is backed by TPG Growth, Idinvest Partners, Crane Venture Partners, Salesforce Ventures, M12 – Microsoft’s venture fund, and others. Onfido has raised $200m in funding, and with over 500 team members across eight countries, is enabling digital access for some of the largest companies around the world.