Retail Banking

We’ll help you build data-driven banking around your customers. Our platform gives you the power to respond to their needs with tailored products and services. Easily, affordably and at speed. Hyper-personalised banking has arrived.


Grow Your Business.

Get Nex-Gen Products to Market Quicker

  • Meet new demands before the competition
  • Test viability at lower cost and boost product ROI
  • Roll out 10x faster

Keep Customers & Win More.

  • Set the bar for omni-channel digital banking.
  • Use a 360 view to optimise for the customer.
  • Boost retention by 65%.

Revolutionise Product Development

  • Build new products. No developers needed.
  • Create end-to-end digital processes.
  • Cut developer costs by 75%.

Kick-start Inclusive Innovation

  • Anyone can innovate on our platform.
  • Bring teams together to test ideas.
  • Empower them to solve for the customer.

Do Digital Better

Technology as a Service meets Open Source

  • Powerful Tech-as-a-Service. Open source on top.
  • Ready-made Fintech apps ready to download.
  • Run off the shelf or configure to your own spec. Low to No Code.

Designed for enterprise architecture

  • No layers. Just a digital core with data at its centre.
  • Built to support continuous integrations.
  • Primed for devops and cloud deployments.

Flexible to its core

  • Available on premise, private and public cloud.
  • Test cloud viability with hybrid.
  • Tap into advanced features like analytics and machine learning.

Secure and compliant

  • Run on Microsoft Azure.
  • Strong authentication mechanisms.
  • Support for data ownership, auditing & anonymization and GDRP compliance.

Digital Engagement

Hyper-personalised banking has arrived.
Beat digital expectations with tailored products and journeys built around your customers. Available on any digital touchpoint.
Use our hyper-personalisation and process automation tools to provide the kind of frictionless customer experiences that can set you apart.

Easy onboarding in 5 minutes.

First impressions count, so wow new customers with a stress-free journey.

The Right Product: Tap into the power of our Hyper-Personalisation Capabilities. Present your customers with the right product because you already understand their needs and let them apply on whatever device they choose.

Less Effort: Cut down on forms using ID data capture and run those painful identity and security checks in the background after a quick selfie and video call. All made possible by the latest in machine learning-enabled OCR and facial recognition and liveness testing.

Quick Confirmation: no waiting around. Give your customers an instant decision thanks to our configurable Business Automation Engine. And our Digital Document and eSignature Processors get everything signed without anyone lifting a pen.

Fast Access: our speedy Digital Workflows make sure account details hit the customer’s inbox in a flash, so they can get started right away. And that’s your newest, happiest customer up and running in minutes. With less stress and fewer steps, it’s onboarding as it should be.

Next-level Lending.

Be more than just a source of funds. Offer a stand out service when it comes to loans and be at the centre of your customers’ financial planning.

Unique Offers: build next-level lending around your customers. Give them tailored loans with costs and conditions made to fit their profiles. Our data-driven core and Personalised Offering Processor will do the hard work for you.

Easy Applications: surprise them with a Personalised Journey so simple, transparent and efficient it takes all the pain out of borrowing. Whether it’s secured or unsecured, in-branch or online, assisted or self-service, our Digital Workflows will make applying for that loan a breeze.

Less Hassle: pare down data entry with prefill for existing customers, or onboard from scratch in just a few easy steps. Gather data more efficiently with OCR tools and run identity verifications quicker with AI-driven Facial Recognition.

Quick Decisions: with our Scoring Engine you can check eligibility, run real-time risk scoring and Automate Decisions, all at speed. And you can do it while integrating multiple data sources.

Digitally Signed, Sealed and Delivered: with a swift decision you can have the contract ready to sign in no time. Our Digital Document and eSignature Processors will take care of everything for you. Once that’s done, we’ll tap into your core to set up the loan and get the funds moving.

Customer-Centric Savings.

Become the go-to bank for savers. Give them easy access, transparency and control over their deposits and make them long-term customers.

An Account in a Snap: customers can open an account in just a few simple steps. From Video Identification and Advisory on the best savings product through to eSignature, it’s a fully digital, paperless process. Existing customers can open in an instant thanks to prefilled activation journeys. And for new customers we have a seamless process that couldn’t be simpler. Either way, it’s all done and dusted in under 5 minutes.

Money Management. Make customising savings accounts intuitive and convenient. Use Personalised Content, Journeys and Offerings to help your customers get the most out of their deposits.

Total Visibility: with data-driven analytics and insights you can give your customers a bird’s eye view of their savings and activities. That’s total visibility across every digital touchpoint.

Mortgages Made Simple.

It’s the biggest financial decision most customers will ever make. So put their minds at ease by making it all simpler and quicker.

Apply Digitally: applying for a mortgage used to be a long, drawn out, form-filled chore. Not anymore. With our Business Automation Engine, you can help your customers on their home-buying journey with a streamlined application that is faster, cheaper and all-round better for everyone. Data Integration and Digital Workflows will move everything along quickly and smoothly. There are prefilled activation journeys for your existing account holders and simple and seamless ones for new customers. Everyone benefits.

Quick Decisions: remove the barriers to making a quick decision. Automate KYC and AML checks. Run risk scoring through our Scoring Engine. Speed up decision-making with Automated Decision tools and cut time-to-money for your customers. All while freeing up your compliance teams and underwriters to focus on more complex tasks.

Customer Control: give your customers greater control with the ability to manage mortgage subsidies on their device of choice.

Digital HQ.

Build better banking. Quickly, simply and at lower cost.

Our Customer 360 Engine will give your teams the tools to design hyper-personalised offers and experiences for your customers. All based on data-driven insights.

And with our Digital Product Factory they can build and launch new products fast. Designed for the non-technical. No code needed.

Everything on top of our TaaS platform is open source. Just visit the FintechOS App Store, pick a ready-made app and configure it with our intuitive FintechOS Studio. And then you’re ready to hit the market.

Customer 360

Driven by data and enabled by automation, Customer 360 makes hyper-personalisation possible. A powerful suite of apps with everything you need to win and retain customers. All in one place.

Total Visibility: harness the power of our Evolutive Data Layer through the Single Customer View App. With Advanced Analytics and multiple data types aggregated around the customer profile, you’ll get deep insight into the needs, preferences and behaviours that will shape your CRM and CX strategies.

Targeted Campaigns: use Customer Persona Mapping and Digital Audience Management tools to segment and profile across your data and create new customer personas and audiences. Our Omnichannel Campaign Engine will empower your teams to target segments as part of campaigns or trigger individual actions based on each interaction.

Tailored Communication: customer interactions should be bespoke and meaningful. And with our Personalised Content capabilities they can be. An easy-to-use Content Management App gives you everything you need to match your output to customer preferences, from templates to styles. And it all adapts across channels. It’s tailored communications made simple.

No Lost Leads: never lose a lead between processes, people or silos again. Thanks to our data integration capabilities, you can connect multiple channels and data sources to collect them all in one place. Our Lead Management App, powered by Digital Workflows, will act like your very own robo-dispatcher, routing the right lead to the right team member at the right time.

Supercharged Service: equip your teams with cutting-edge Digital Case Management tools and watch them delight your customers with proactive and personalised services across multiple channels. Connect customers with problem-solvers quicker with automated rules-based routing and keep them updated with automated notifications. Your teams can even tap into Single Customer View data for ready insights on sentiment and past behaviours to help them deliver the best service possible.

Digital Product Factory

Introducing a first for the banking industry – a self-service product creator for non-technical teams. The Digital Product Factory is DIY innovation made easy.

Empower Your Teams:  give your non-technical teams the tools to create and run the next wave of digital banking products. With the FintechOS Studio toolkit they can build completely new apps or edit the functionality of those available in the FintechOS App Store. They can even configure data models in the Business Entities area and define flows using the Digital Workflows Manager. It’s all possible on top of our Innovation Core.

Create Hyper-Personalised Products and Experiences: use data-driven insights to give your customers products tailored to their needs. Our Digital User Journey Configurator and Dashboard Designer, enabled by our Hyper-Personalisation capabilities, will help them craft exceptional customer experiences.

Cut Development Costs by 75%: build and roll out products instantly across all channels, all without a single line of code. No developers needed. The FintechOS Studio is made up of easy-to-use editors and configuration engines. Perfect for non-technical users. When developers are a must, our Complex Automation Tools can help them cut down on their workload. Any way you look at it, you lower development costs.

Get to Market Faster: launch products up to 10 times quicker.  With our Evolutive Data Layer, Business Automation Engine and Hyper-Personalisaton Capabilities, you can slash time-to-market. Respond to emerging needs first and stay ahead of the competition.

Real-time Risk Analysis

We combine evolutive data, advanced analytics and process automation to offer you robust checks and reliable risk analysis. All carried out smoothly and efficiently. And you can run risk scoring directly in our Risk Engine or we can integrate with your core. The choice is yours. 

Define Your Policy: make simple configurations to our Risk Engine. Set new risk assessment policies and define scorecards, ratings and pre-scoring rules.

Risk-based Pricing: our Scoring and Pricing Engines will work together to deliver tailored risk-based pricing to fit the customer profile.

Integrate Easily: our evolutive model puts data at the core. We connect seamlessly through open API with credit bureaus, fiscal authorities and other relevant systems to pull in all the data needed to run risk analysis on your customers.

Automate End-to-End: automate advanced risk analysis, scoring and rating with our Business Automation Engine. Reduce back office input from underwriting teams.

Make Faster, Better Decisions:  calculate scores and ratings quicker with our Scoring Engine. Use our Automated Decisions tools to improve your customers’ journeys by speeding up approvals and time-to-money.

Digital Core

Data-driven and AI-enabled, our digital core is an innovation engine. Powering the possible in banking.

Built without layers. Everything embedded. All the capabilities you need for endless digital innovation in one system.

Its design means we can collect data to automate operations and create hyper-personalised customer experiences. Fast.

And because we believe in the power of our TaaS platform to transform the way you do digital banking, we’ve made everything on top of it open source. That’s everything built on top of FintechOS for free. All in.

A Digital Core You Can Bank On

Flexible, secure and data-driven by design, you can rely on our core to drive the next phase of your digital transformation.

No Layers

Tiered architecture has had its day, so we decided to do things differently. Our digital core is a resilient and secure environment with data at its centre. And it’s fully geared for continuous change and deployment.

Data at the Core

Data is the lifeblood of digital banking. That’s why we put it at the core. Our Evolutive, Open Model integrates seamlessly with both internal and external sources. It’s the perfect foundation to support the kind of Advanced Analytics needed to improve customer engagement and succeed in the data-driven future of the industry.

Embedded Innovation

All the tech you need to innovate in one system. Evolutive Data Models, Intelligent Process Automation and Embedded AI & Digital Capabilities combine to make up the FintechOS Digital Core. It’s a powerful framework that enables the creation of modern omnichannel apps – highly automated and AI-enabled, open yet secure.

Fast, Flexible and Secure

Whether you want us to run a single process or an end-to-end digital service, we can do it fast and around your existing tech. Our modular architecture gives us that flexibility. And because our core runs on Microsoft Azure , it’s all done without compromising one bit on security.