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We are driving a paradigm shift in how banks, financial services and insurance companies engage with their customers. Our dedicated industry platforms, pre-built functionality and low-code framework empower organizations to create truly personalized customer journeys in weeks, not months.

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Trusted by 40+ institutions around the world

A changing financial landscape demands a trusted partner

The financial sector is under unprecedented pressure. From all sides, competition is heating up as new products, solutions and ways to engage with customers take the market by storm.

The march towards digitalization is undergoing rapid acceleration and using outdated IT is fast going from a nuisance to an unjustifiable risk.

FintechOS is trusted by leading financial institutions to bridge the gap between legacy and future-forward approaches – with end-to-end solutions, automated processes, and personalized offerings, keeping customers at the core.

About us

Financial technology designed for the future

Our FintechOS technology empowers banks and insurance companies to adapt to rapidly changing customer expectations, and match the speed and flexibility of their new, nimble, and technology-driven competitors.

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FintechOS Lighthouse makes banking easier and simpler. Our customer-centric platform for banking enables the delivery of smarter, more profitable products that offer personalized experiences. Pre-built functionality and low-code empower organizations to create value quickly. Build over your legacy system with a digital layer or start fresh with a digital core – the choice is yours.

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Innovation Studio opens up access to technology through a low code framework. It’s a space where your non-technical teams can create and launch personalized products and journeys – all data-driven and powered by automation.

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FintechOS Northstar propels insurers forward. Our customer-centric platform for insurance lets insurers deliver clever products, at a faster rate. Our platform makes continuous innovation and fast go-to-market a reality. End-to-end digital customer journeys and increased efficiencies reduce cost.

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Tailored solutions – for financial businesses of all shapes and sizes

Whether you’re a large institution looking for end-to-end change in the way you relate to your customers, or a leading insurance provider that wants to carve out a niche with a custom solution – or a scaling fintech looking for a technology partner – we’re your best bet. No matter your company’s shape or size, if you can think it, we can help you build it.

Retail Banking

Build data-driven banking around your customers. The FintechOS platform allows for retail banks to respond to their client needs with tailored products and services. Easily, affordably and at speed.

The best part? We make it happen in weeks, not months.

Retail Banking

SME Banking

SME customers expect bespoke business banking tailored to their needs. FintechOS offers personalisation and automation tools, which can help growth journeys and make the leap from bank to business partner.

SME Banking

General Insurance

The insurance market is moving towards coverage around data-driven, dynamic profiles and tailored pricing to match changes in risk exposure. FintechOS’ Evolutive Data Layer been built to integrate multiple data streams and is powered by advanced analytics, helping to gauge real-time risk monitoring and enable preemptive outreach.

General Insurance

Life Insurance

Low engagement, high operating costs and product-centric design are the challenges that life insurance providers are facing at a growing rate. Ensuring that an insurance product’s offering remains relevant, investment in technology is critical. Real-time and automated interactions will stop customers from abandoning enrolment processes. Using A data-driven, dynamic profile means that life events can trigger Personalised Offers on a customer’s preferred touchpoint and drive growth.

Life Insurance

Health Insurance

Health insurance providers are susceptible to very similar shifts in consumer demands as retail banking. Health insurers will need to provide digital and end-to-end tailored, personalised solutions to meet the demand of working alongside policy holders as health partners. Personalised content shared must fit the lifestyle needs of policy holders.

Health Insurance

What our customers are saying

– Simina Baiasu, Executive Vice President, IDEA::Bank

FintechOS became our strategic partner after several successful projects which helped us to reduce our time-to-money with 40% and increase the speed of our products roll-out. Now we provide a simple, bespoke digital customer experience.

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– Raj Sakaria, Director of Enterprise Architecture, Howden Group

Using FintechOS has already helped us improve the efficiency of a number of business critical operations by more than 50%. The system not only allows us to offer a great customer experience, but we’re doing it faster, and we’re doing it without errors.

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– Mihai Tecau, CEO Omniasig, Vienna Insurance Group

One of our strategic objectives is to embrace digital transformation in such a way that our clients and partners constantly improve their experience with us. Business processes automation is a key objective too. Trough our partnership with FintechOS, we are able to fulfill both objectives and accelerate business transformation.