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Personal finance that is finally personal

While COVID reduced personal lending, high growth is expected to resume. Take advantage of this growing market with seamless digital customer journeys that are paperless and dynamically tailored to each customer’s needs and expectations.

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Personal loan market by 2030


CAGR for personal loans

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Typical time to cash for SME lending

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Why FintechOS?

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User experience that delights
Remove customer friction with automated digital journeys delivered when and where they are needed
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Personalized products
Highly configurable, no-code product factory enables exactly the right products to be defined by those who understand the customer’s needs best
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Flexible risk management
Create powerful scoring engines that leverage data from your systems and integrate with any third-party source.
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Everything you need
Onboarding, origination, loan administration, and underwriting

“FintechOS has become our strategic partner. After multiple projects which helped us to reduce the time-to-money by 40 percent for our customers and roll out new products almost 10 times faster, we now provide a simple, bespoke, error-free digital customer experience. This is next-level customer engagement.”

Simina Baiasu IdeaBank

Simina Baiasu
Executive Vice President, Idea::Bank

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Wow customers

Create differentiated products and deliver them on any channel with digital journeys that are paperless, personalized, and simple.

Learn how BRD achieved a 95% satisfaction rate among new and existing customers

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Reduce time to money

Streamline digital journeys with enriched customer data, a flexible scoring engine, and automated KYC/AML checks.

Learn how TBI Bank reduced time-to-money from days to minutes

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Increase business agility

React quickly to changing market conditions, defining new or adjusting existing products and digital journeys.

Learn how Idea::Bank reduced product rollout time by over 90%

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Start from pre-built digital journeys

Enable customers to determine lending needs
Integrate your preferred KYC ID provider
Configurable credit eligibility checks
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Digital Documents and Signatures
Remove need for in-person visits
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Tailored Offers
Promote other products during the journey

Deliver personal finance that is truly personal

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