FintechOS team is committed to excellence and innovation, fostering native intellectual curiosity, solid academic foundation and powerful financial expertise. In everything we do, we strive to blend all these ingredients to deliver the best possible financial technology and an awesome user experience.

Executive Team

Teodor Blidăruș

CEO & Co-Founder

Sergiu Neguț

Co-Founder, Investor & Board Advisor

Leon Stevens

Chief Revenue Officer

Cristina Nilă

Finance Director

Regional Management

Paula Costea

Technical Solution Director

Cornelis Prins

Business Development Director, Benelux

Nicoleta Mihaiu

Professional Services Director

Daniel Ionescu

Marketing Director

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Liviu Uba

Chief Software Architect

Sorin Buliga

Senior Product Owner Apps

Ionuț Irod

Senior Product Owner Platform

Bogdan Iosif

Senior Dev Ops

Maria Conache

Senior Back End Developer

Ovidiu Rădescu

Senior Front End Developer

Sorin Rădulescu

Senior Developer

Ana-Maria Manea

Scrum Master

Victor Sava

QA Manager

Elena Tudor

QA Team Lead

Laurean Herepean

Learning&Community Manager


Liana Epure

Marketing Communication Manager

Eugen Nedelcu

Digital Marketing Manager

Alina Georgescu

Business Development Support Manager

Narcisa Matei

Business Development Support Specialist

Ivona Raef

Product Marketing Manager

Ștefan Cojocariu

Junior Professional Services

Valentin Dumitrescu

Infrastructure Solution Architect

Laura Constantinescu

Senior Professional Services

Valentin Radu

Senior Professional Services

Nicolae Dinu

Professional Services Technical Manager

George Neacșu

Senior Professional Services

Denisa Olteanu

Office Manager

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