Seamless CX: A Practical Guide to Redesigning Customer Onboarding

Duration: 1 hour


Watch this insightful session to explore:

  • High-level findings of the EY research on online retail client onboarding at banks
  • A modern, online-only onboarding prototype which highlights relevant perspectives, including UX/UI, usability, cybersecurity, FinCrime, identification and verification and privacy
  • Practical insights on how to design and implement online onboarding journeys
  • Highlights of the wider European context
  • Live Q&A session

FintechOS webinar featuring guest speakers from EY

Join us to get exclusive insights into the online onboarding experiences of Dutch banks and Fintech challengers – from a multidisciplinary perspective. 

Seamless, modern and secure customer onboarding is a critical experience for banks to get right. This has recently become an even greater area of focus, following the introduction of stricter regulations, innovative technologies, Fintech challengers and closure of physical bank branches.

EY has investigated the onboarding experiences of four incumbents and four challengers. They have also taken these lessons on board, and re-imagined and redesigned the onboarding experience.

Meet the speakers

Bernadette Wesdorp
Bernadette Wesdorp Senior Manager Privacy EY Financial Services
Boaz Burkunk
Boaz Burkunk Senior Product Designer EY VODW
Lysanne Jurjens
Lysanne Jurjens Senior Manager EY Financial Services
Wouter van Groen
Wouter van Groen Senior Manager Technology Risk EY Financial Services
Adam Stead
Adam Stead Director of Alliances & Partnerships FintechOS
Catalin Dediu
Catalin Dediu VP of Product Management FintechOS

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Seamless CX: A Practical Guide to Redesigning Customer Onboarding