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What you'll get from this profile written by AITE about FintechOS:

  • The need for digital transformation is by now well understood by financial service providers in all service categories. Achieving this however remains easier said than done.
  • With growing expectations from end users in both the commercial and consumer space, there is growing need amongst banks and insurance providers to offer more customer centric and data driven products and experiences.
  • This shift in expectations has only been accelerated by the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic with banking and insurance customers demanding a rapid increase in digitalization across their product and services.

London headquartered FintechOS offers a low-code banking and financial services platform that enables banks, financial institutions (FIs) and insurance providers to rapidly build and deploy modern, personalized, and data driven financial service products with improved customer journeys regardless of their existing legacy infrastructure.

Founded in 2017, FintechOS has since then expanded to a global presence with regional locations across Europe including in the UK, Austria, Denmark, the Netherlands, and Romania, and is now growing into North America and Asia Pacific markets. FintechOS is privately owned with venture capital funding. 


FintechOS aims to solve these challenges by providing a low-code, vertically focused platform that can orchestrate data and services across the back, middle and front of client institutions, and enabling FIs to deliver new capabilities on their own more easily over time. Rather than a big bang, major technology replacement, banks and financial institutions can develop and automate data driven products, services, and customer journeys efficiently and make better use of their resources.