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Low-code / No-code Insurtech Platforms — Instech London

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Read the executive summary of this report and find out: 

  • Why the insurance industry is increasingly looking at low-code platforms  
  • “Digital on top” use cases for personal and commercial insurance lines  
  • Benefits to look for when adopting low-code development platforms in insurance 

Gartner predicts that No-Code/Low-Code development will account for 65% of all application development by 2024, and Forrester claims that the same platforms have the potential to develop applications as much as 10 times faster than traditional methods. 

What does this change in methodology and tooling mean for the digital transformation of insurance? Download our executive summary to find out.  


This material was published in partnership with InsTech London – a global network of 20,000 people leading innovation in insurance data technology & analytics. Visit instech.london to join networking events and listen in to insightful insurtech podcasts and webinars. 


“It is our belief that No-Code/Low-Code platforms can and will provide the insurance industry with a way to escape from the dependence on legacy technology”

– Robin Merttens
Partner, InsTech London
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No-Code Low-Code Platforms for Insurance – FintechOS featured in InsTech London report