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Insurance: Unlocking the SME Opportunity 

What you'll find out in this whitepaper: 

  • Why the SME space represents a big untapped opportunity for insurance 
  • Insights on unlocking the opportunity from interviews with business leaders at Howden Group, Liberty GTS, Allianz, Tapoly, Aviva, and AXA 
  • Key considerations for successfully launching new small business insurance products  
  • How digital platforms allow insurers and brokers to innovate and grow in the SME space

Personal-lines and commercial-lines insurers have focused on well-known markets, but have traditionally left SMEs somewhere in the middle and underserved by both. Complex policies and buying processes, expensive premiums and (whether justified or not) a poor reputation for paying claims have not helped to win the trust and business of this large, untapped market. 

With radical changes in efficiency and scalability from digitalisation, and new segmentation and analytics capabilities provided by new technology, addressing the SME market becomes not only viable, but also profitable  


This material was published in partnership with Insurtech Insights - a global ecosystem aiming to connect industry leaders and decision makers with innovative startups who are challenging the insurance market, in order to create mutual business opportunities and accelerate growth. 

The Insurtech Insights vision is to foster debate around the most innovative technology topics impacting the Insurance industry today. 


“It’ll be much more customer-centric propositions, starting from customer need rather than channel preference, product structures or risk profiles.”

– Bunty Aranja
Head of Business Architecture, Howden Group

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