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No Code / Low Code “Buzz” in Insurance

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FintechOS featured in Altus white paper introducing benefits and selection criteria for no code / low code technologies in insurance 

Read the executive summary of this report and find out: 

  • How insurers are using a new generation of no code / low code (NC / LC) platforms to accelerate digital transformation
  • Why the “super colony” of the fintech ecosystem offers established firms a “buzz” of innovative energy   
  • Priority business benefits to target when selecting a NC / LC platform for digital insurance innovation 
  • Tips on readying your team to shift from waterfall to agile development methods  
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Transforming manual, unscalable processes with NCLC platforms can breathe new life into a provider

– Will Watling
Life & Pensions Director, Altus
This material was published in partnership with Altus, a leading UK consulting and automation software company founded in 2005. From shaping a detailed outsource deal to automating transfers and trading across the investment sector, Altus mission is to speed up financial services with superior technology. Altus is an Equisoft company.
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Increased speed of digital delivery

Simplify keeping software up-to-date

Take advantage of flexible modern SaaS & cloud deployments
No Code Low Code Buzz in Insurance- Thumbnail

No Code / Low Code Buzz in Insurance