We believe in data-driven innovation

We don’t like industry buzzwords like digital transformation. Key words we do like?
Continuous, fast, tailored.

Banks aren’t just in the business of banking anymore.

They are e-commerce platforms – and customer data is their new strategic advantage.


Our world is a digital one. Customers expect convenience, personalized service, and expect their unique position to be understood. Yet, banks and insurers are currently far removed from meeting these expectations. Information is siloed, spread across systems and layers, and hard to enrich.

Retail banks, insurers, investment firms, and wealth management companies alike are all under pressure to deploy new anytime-anywhere digital services. But approaching digitisation as a standalone process with a start, a middle, and an end is fundamentally flawed. This is the reason why $900 billion of the $1.3 trillion banks spent on digital transformation in 2018 went to waste.

Why do digital transformation projects fail?

Lack of alignment

Lack of alignment between top-level management and teams deploying the new capabilities

Failure to automate

Failure to automate end-to-end customer journeys (such as customer onboarding, account opening) resulting in fragmented solutions

Continuous development

Inability to sustain continuous development within the organization

Continuous innovation is an imperative

To accelerate digital transformation, financial enterprises need a platform that connects, consolidates and analyzes data from internal and external sources.

FintechOS brings your data together and gives you the ability to act on it. Create more personalized experiences, decrease processing time, automate back-office functions. Reduce costs and grow your business.

Market to a segment of 1 with advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, and automated campaign management.