By Teo Blidarus, CEO & Co-founder · January 06, 2022
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Banking in 2021: a FintechOS selection of insights

Read a selection of valuable ideas and initiatives that left a mark on the industry last year and which we think could serve as key learnings for 2022.

Undoubtedly, digital transformation continued to be a buzzword, and FintechOS explored this trend from multiple perspectives: challenges and opportunities, operational efficiency, customer-centricity, and more. We listened to the needs of our customers and the industry and launched a major upgrade to our new-generation financial technology solution. 

We invite you to grab a coffee and enjoy some of the most insightful content that we produced in 2021, together with partners and industry experts.


E2E digital solutions: FintechOS 22


In November, we announced the availability of FintechOS 22, the latest major upgrade to our new-generation financial technology solution. FintechOS now enables established financial institutions to modernize legacy architecture with reduced risk and cost and to launch new, differentiated digital financial offerings at speed.

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Report: Future of banking

This Vox Pop report explores the latest trends in technology innovation and digital leadership in banking. It offers a selection of the most valuable highlights and takeaways from FintechOS Leap 2021, featuring experts from leading industry organizations such as Avant Money, BlackRock, Celent, EY, First Bank, Pacemakers, Raiffeisen, and TBI Bank.

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Report: SME banking

To meet the evolving needs of SME customers, banks are embracing new business models and creating ecosystems with a range of services that go beyond banking. What are the hottest initiatives or the most common challenges during this transformation? This comprehensive report – developed in partnership with Efma – looks at the SME banking landscape and, more critically, how banks are becoming digital-first.

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Webinar: APIs & digital ecosystems

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Open APIs have enabled banks to achieve multiple competitive advantages, but realizing the full potential of APIs in banking is far from being achieved. Watch this webinar organized together with Finextra, Lloyds Banking Group, and Nordea to learn how banks can accelerate innovation and speed-to-market with APIs and the financial ecosystem. 

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Webinar: Mortgages

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Held in association with Fintech Finance and featuring expert speakers from HSBC UK, Trussle, and FintechOS, this on-demand webinar explores how banks can strengthen mortgage lending competitiveness. Watch the session to find out from these highly innovative organizations how they are shaping the biggest retail financial product forever.

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Customer success story

Watch this video to learn how BRD – Groupe Société Générale worked with FintechOS to build a fast journey for customers looking to get a loan. “It takes 15 minutes from their first contact with the platform until they get the money in their account,” says Maja Mikic, Executive Director for Digital Transformation at BRD – Groupe Société Générale. 

This recording was done during the FintechOS Leap event on November 2-4. To see the full event recordings (30+ sessions), please register here.

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Blog article: retail onboarding

If customer onboarding is too long or too complicated, a bank might lose 60% of its potential revenue. We invite you to read a short, practical article on how to prevent that and achieve an onboarding to remember.

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