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What we do

Redesigning Customer Experience in Banking and Insurance

One-size-fits-no-one products traditionally offered by financial institutions do not meet the expectations of consumers and businesses seeking personalized services. Nor do they compete with the raft of new providers delivering specialist products designed to meet the needs of discrete demographics. FintechOS empowers banks, financial services and insurance companies to build and launch new products and services that are data-driven, personalized, and scalable – all in a matter of weeks.

What we value

One team, One mission

Even though we are constantly growing and have more and more offices around the world, we are still part of the same team with the same ethos and the same duty of care to one another. We believe that our strong culture of borderless collegiality is a competitive advantage for us and we go to great lengths to nurture and preserve it. We believe that working with people from different backgrounds, cultures, and thinking styles helps us become better professionals and leaders. Our values keep us grounded and ready for constant growth.

Being different

Our mission is to create the kind of customer experiences we want for ourselves. That means doing things a little bit differently. It means understanding people’s needs, challenges and dreams. By tapping into all of our unique journeys, we can deliver meaningful solutions that make a difference.

Being brave

We are brave in our actions and relentless in asking questions. For us, it’s about making great experiences available to everyone. New ideas drive change, so we constantly innovate and take on new challenges – that’s what makes us pioneers.

Being human

We are shaping the future of our industry by dreaming up and building game changing products. To do this, we bet on big ideas and the talented people behind them. Our approach is driven by what makes us all human, and it has built a creative environment where people and careers can thrive.

Our promise

Remove complexity, solve problems

Digital transformation is at the top of the agenda for many banking, financial services and insurance companies, but these strategies are often lengthy, complex, and costly. Our tools allow institutions to start small, think big and scale fast.

Let’s get started


Inspired by go-getters.

In 2017, two serial entrepreneurs, Teodor Blidarus and Sergiu Negut knew they had something good on their hands – a revolutionary product with a designated market. They decided to join forces and go into start-up mode.

FintechOS was born, with a vision to empower financial services providers to become truly customer-centric. Fast-forward to today, and the founders’ dream is a reality, with over USD 100 billion under management, 350+ employees and 4 offices globally.

Teo Blidarus
Co-Founder & CEO

For nearly 25 years, Teo has led the roll-out of technology for banking, financial services and insurance companies worldwide. He has grown several companies, three of which are now serving Fortune 500 customers in 30 international markets.

Sergiu Negut
Co-Founder, CFO

Sergiu has a proven track record of business growth in different roles (adviser, board member, angel investor, manager) and across different industries (healthcare, IT&C, financial services, HR, consulting).

We want to make the Work place a better World place

We believe that working with people from different backgrounds, cultures, and thinking styles helps us all grow into stronger professionals and better leaders.

We think it’s important to stay humble, carry ourselves with quiet confidence, and treat others the same way that we want to be treated. Simple, but powerful.

The sustainability factor

At FintechOS, we’ve taken our first steps to reduce our environmental footprint. In line with our belief in what matters to us as human beings, sustainable practices are embedded in our culture.

The segment we operate in is considered to be relatively low impact. But why not take that a step further? We strive to implement measures to further reduce that impact.

Water and electricity conservation are general practice in our offices. We use energy-efficient devices, recycle wherever we can and select suppliers based on their sustainable practices. Our policies play a role too. Staff are encouraged to power down equipment at the end of the day, enabling energy savings settings on all computers and desktops. Always ready to get involved, we look out for new ways to play our part.

A social conscience

FintechOS is strongly committed to improving people’s quality of life in the communities where we operate. That desire to help out has spurned our annual CSR strategy.

Vodafone’s “Letters to Santa” campaign – The “Letters to Santa Claus” caravan is run by the Vodafone Romania Foundation. It reaches over 1,000 children from foster care centers in 26 disadvantaged communities across the country.

KidsOut’s Giving Tree Foundation

This initiative invites firms to ‘Ditch Secret Santa’ and instead buy toys for children in local refugee centers. Many of the recipients are children who have escaped domestic violence, often forced to flee their homes quickly, leaving their possessions behind.


June 2018

Founding FintechOS

FintechOS was born, with a vision to power financials to become truly customer-centric – by adopting a data-driven approach and by consolidating critical data from multiple sources, banking, financial services and insurance companies can accelerate processing, adopt automation, deliver personalized experiences, and slash costs.

December 2019

FintechOS raises $14 million USD series A.

December 2019 was an important month for FintechOS as it completed its series A investment round at $14MM USD. The series A round was jointly led by Earlybird’s Digital East fund and OTB ventures. Also participating again on top of previous investments were Gapminder Ventures and Launchub.

June 2020

FintechOS Wins Europas Award #1 Fintech 2020 | Opening Amsterdam Office

FintechOS becomes the recipient of the Europas Awards #1 Fintech spot. 2020 brings more growth and expansion for FintechOS as it opens its Amsterdam office, its 3rd office globally.

April 2021

FintechOS raises USD60 million in Draper Esprit-led Series B funding round

The funds were primarily used to cement the company’s position in Europe and the UK and fuel international expansion to target financial institutions in Asia-Pacific, Middle East and Africa, and North America.

September 2021

FintechOS launches in US to drive digitalization in underserved financial institutions

FintechOS forged a framework for operational success in the US, based on strong partnerships including Microsoft, Deloitte, Persistent Systems and Capgemini and collaborations with US category leaders, analysts, consultancy firms and investors.

Grow with us

FintechOS is headquartered in London with offices in Amsterdam and Bucharest. But it doesn’t stop there. We are going global by expanding to APAC, the Middle East and North America.





Come work with us

FintechOS builds solutions for digital transformation in the finance industry, and we we’d like your help. As our business continues to grow, our capacity should grow equally. Let’s work together.

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