We believe easy access to finance is as essential as electricity, water and education.

Our mission is to change the way people experience and engage with financial technology by putting automation and personalisation at the heart of innovation.


Financial technology is freedom.

Easy access to finance is essential for all our lives to prosper. Creating highly personalised, financial solutions can make an unimagined difference to everybody, everywhere. From disruptors, entrepreneurs and start-ups to traditional players and governments.

That’s why we’re making the digital customer experience quick and affordable by transforming the technology that delivers it.

Be different.
Be brave.
Be human.

A company is nothing without the right culture to deliver a mission. We think different. Work different. To deliver a different, more innovative approach. We do this by being brave. We encourage everyone to be bold in how they solve things. Not to be afraid.

It impacts everything and everybody. And gives real conviction to everything we do. But we must always be human. To help transform the lives of everybody.

Changing the technology dogma.

Today, there are still systems of record, systems of engagement and systems of intelligence. This is 80’s thinking. The technology may appear to have improved but basically it’s remained unchanged. The big players have got very complacent but very rich.

This layered architecture is fundamentally wrong. There are some big chasms between the layers for a seamless customer experience. Because every time you want data from a different layer you have a break in process. The systems are all closed to each other and can’t easily deliver an end-to-end process in a couple of minutes. It’s all become too complicated, too costly and too restrictive. And this leads to lack of innovation.

Our approach and new automation model changes everything. It makes data the new core.

Highlights after 2 years

20+International Markets

50+Global Partners

500MCapital Available

450%YoY Growth

140 Global Clients

2 Offices in London, Amsterdam, Vienna, Copenhagen and Bucharest

3 Opening New York, Frankfurt, Zurich, Singapore and Dubai

Ready to transform tomorrow.

Millions of people globally are already successfully consuming hyper-personalised products and services using FintechOS technology. In only 24 months we’ve onboarded 30 clients across the World, have $25bn under management, and opened offices in London, Amsterdam, Vienna and Bucharest. With plans to expand East and West in 2020. Watch this space.

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