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Simplifying financial technology for all

We are on a mission to make fintech innovation available to every company.​

We simplify and accelerate
the launch and service of
innovative financial products

In a world growing more and more complex, we believe in going the opposite direction. In simplifying financial technology so anyone can build a new product and get it to market in weeks, not months or years. As the leader in fintech enablement, we take care of the complexity so you can focus on innovation and differentiation – and on building deeper more profitable relationships with your customers.

Headquartered in New York and London, we are a global company with customers and partners that include the world’s best brands, including Groupe Société Générale, Admiral Group, Oney, eMag, Deloitte, EY, and PWC.


Up and running in 12 weeks


financial services customers


million in funding

What’s in a name?

The name FintechOS is inspired by our vision, where FintechOS is the operating system for financial products worldwide. Where data is the new core, letting businesses break free from the constraints of the traditional tech stack and truly differentiate. Where the lines between traditional financial, next generation financial, and non-financial services are blurred, in fully connected groundbreaking solutions that deliver unmatched value.

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Our values

One team, One mission

Even though we are constantly growing and have more and more offices around the world, we are still part of the same team with the same ethos and the same duty of care to one another. We believe that our strong culture of borderless collegiality is a competitive advantage for us and we go to great lengths to nurture and preserve it. We believe that working with people from different backgrounds, cultures, and thinking styles helps us become better professionals and leaders. Our values keep us grounded and ready for constant growth.

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Being brave
We are brave in our actions and relentless in asking questions. For us, it’s about making great experiences available to everyone. New ideas drive change, so we constantly innovate and take on new challenges – that’s what makes us pioneers.
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Being human
We are shaping the future of our industry by dreaming up and building game changing products. To do this, we bet on big ideas and the talented people behind them. Our approach is driven by what makes us all human, and it has built a creative environment where people and careers can thrive.
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Being different
Our mission is to create the kind of customer experiences we want for ourselves. That means doing things a little bit differently. It means understanding people’s needs, challenges and dreams. By tapping into all of our unique journeys, we can deliver meaningful solutions that make a difference.
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