Hyper-personalised, automated
financial technology.

FintechOS is transforming today’s financial technology, closed systems and prohibitive pricing. Our out-of-the-box, open source automative technology makes hyper-personalisation at hyper-speed a reality in weeks, not years. And we’re making data the new core.

“Today it is not the big financial or technology players that hold the keys.
It is the customer.”

Teodor Blidarus, FintechOS CEO & Co-Founder

Personalise | Automate | Transform


Create hyper-personalised,
insight-driven journeys
contextually tailored to the
consumer’s individual profile.


Business automation layer
streamlines every process
connecting digital touchpoints
to data driven products and


Transform how the technology is being rolled out through no-code innovation and out of the box, micro-services enabled apps, MVPs and services.

20+ pre-packed fintech automation processors, 150+ pre-integrated data sources and 50+ open source apps.

Evolving data is at the core of personalisation. Combined with our powerful automation layer, you can effortlessly create hyper-personalised digital journeys. Connecting customers to data-driven products and services across every digital touchpoint in minutes.

From idea to a successful digital solution in 4 – 6 weeks.

FintechOS technology delivers intelligent business automation in weeks, not months or even years, opening the door for financial services to be consumerized like a retail service or FMCG. Our out of the box banking and insurance solutions, apps and MVPs are ready to go. Proven. Delivering real impact in as little as 4 weeks.

With FintechOS technology, UNIQA gained digitized and automated quote and bind and underwriting process through an omni-channel 100% integrated paperless workflow. The solution combines product factory business rules engine and risk management modules to ensure real time and validation of product features, pricing and underwriting rules as well as instant update of core system and performance analytics.

Lidia Dragan

Underwriting Director - UNIQA