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Remove barriers to growth

FintechOS works alongside your existing systems, enabling you to innovate at the pace the market demands.

Launch digital products across any line of business

Capture new business opportunities in underserved and emerging segments by getting new personalized products and offers to market in weeks.

Learn how Tower Community Bank is reinventing itself
Self-Service No-Code/Low-Code

Build high-quality digital journeys

Leverage your existing team and skills to create self-service and assisted digital account opening and loan origination journeys on web and mobile.

Learn how First Bank reduced time-to-yes for customers
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Roll out Embedded Finance offerings

Reach customers at a lower cost and break into new customer segments by easily embedding financial products into partner channels.

Learn how tbi bank embedded their products across 10k merchants
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Fintech Enablement Platform

Enable innovation

Give business users intuitive tools to define, distribute, service, and update financial products across any line of business without having to wait on an IT or vendor roadmap or resources.

Data at the Core Architecture

Access and enrich data locked away in legacy platforms to personalize products and journeys.

Launch new journeys FintechOS
Composable Business Capabilities

Supplement your core by deploying only what you need and integrating with existing technology.

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Customizable Accelerators

Get to market faster with prebuilt digital journeys, product definitions, data models, ecosystem connectors for KYC/AML, and more.

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Self-Service No-Code/Low-Code

Enable business users to create and update products and journeys, reducing reliance on scarce tech talent.

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Back Office Servicing

Automate back-office processes with workflows that remove manual steps and increase operational efficiency.

Reshape financial products FintechOS
Launch new journeys FintechOS
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configure your loan app screen FintechOS
Container FintechOS
Reshape financial products FintechOS

Start anywhere and expand

Existing business lines or new, FintechOS grows with you: start small and scale fast.


From digital onboarding to loans and credit card applications to digital deposits and mortgages, engage consumers with the experiences they expect.

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Small Business Banking

From digital account opening to lending to creating new offerings like business insurance, grow your small business footprint with customer-centric solutions.

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From POS lending to BNPL, tap into new revenue streams by embedding personalized products, reaching more customers at a lower cost with new distribution channels.

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Real ROI for every team


The FintechOS platform enables you to design personalized products and customer journeys while radically reducing time-to-market. Update your existing offerings and design your own removing the strain on your IT department.

  • Reduce time-to-market
  • Personalise products
  • Create customer journeys


Reduce the risk of unsupported customized legacy infrastructure by gradually decreasing reliance on these systems. Move critical functionality into the FintechOS platform and reduce core systems to product servicing ledgers over time. With fewer worries about legacy infrastructure and less time spend on maintaining legacy systems IT can finally play an active role in moving the business forward.

  • Create a transition path for legacy infrastructure
  • Spend less time on maintenance
  • Become a pro-active partner to the business


Be part of the conversation from day one. When a new financial product or service is launched, the marketing strategy should be built into it. With the FintechOS platform this has become a reality. Products and services can be targeted to custom personas you can define yourself and promoted with omnichannel campaigns, thanks to the personalization features of our platform.

  • Design the marketing strategy with the product
  • Build personas and audiences to use across the platform
  • Personalize offerings based on personas and behavior

Compliance Teams

Compliance provides the checks and balances needed to meet safety, regulatory, and ethical standards. Yet with increasing regulatory pressure it becomes harder and harder to be compliant without slowing down the business. End-to-end digitization helps to take away bottlenecks and speed up processes. Advanced analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning help to discriminate between benign and fraudulent cases.

  • Benefit from the audit capabilities of fully digital customer journeys
  • Integrate with AML and KYC solutions from the ecosystem
  • Use advanced analytics and artificial intelligence to identify fraud


Yesterday’s operational models cannot support today’s sales channels. The backoffice with its analogue processes and many handovers isn’t built to compete on convenience and speed. The FintechOS platform helps banks to digitize their workflows end-to-end with advanced workflows, digital KYC, case management, digital documents, and e-signatures. This reduces customer journeys to a single digital session, improving customer outcomes and relieving pressure on staff in the process.

  • Create a fully paperless back office
  • Use process automation to fully digitize onboarding and origination
  • Manage complex cases faster with digital case management

What do customers say about FintechOS?

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“Working with FintechOS, we’ve learned even more that we need to make everything we do customer-centric. The customer experience needs to be our sole focus and we want to offer the best customer journeys on the market.“

Mihai Simionescu,
Transformation Leader

TBI Bank logo 2 2 FintechOS

“It is not easy to innovate in a traditional banking market. But our desire to offer our clients a different financing solution, 100% online, was sustained by the boldness of our partner FintechOS. And it delivered.”

Kostas Tovil Senior
Vice President e-Commerce

eMAG FintechOS

“Time is a precious resource, and now, with a smartphone only, our customers can get approved for financing in up to ten minutes through a simple and intuitive flow…”

Mircea Balica
Financial Services Manager

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