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Embedded Finance &
POS Lending

Lower the cost and risk of product innovation
in the era of ecosystem banking

embedded finance

Seize new opportunities with embedded finance,
value-added offers, and banking-as-a-service

FintechOS enables banks to free product innovation from rigid core systems.
It provides a flexible, purpose-built platform for end-to-end financial product lifecycle management, allowing teams to quickly
launch, distribute, service, update, and manage innovative financial offerings
leveraging ecosystem partnerships.

Meet the Solution

Reach more customers at a lower cost with embedded finance and point-of-sale lending

Break into new customer segments by embedding existing or new products and offers into financial and non-financial partner channels. Quickly create digital loan origination and account opening journeys and embed them into partner websites and point of sale solutions using APIs. Personalize products and journeys to each channel’s unique needs by reusing core flows and product definitions and using visual models to make channel-specific configurations.

Fast application data capture RT 1 1 FintechOS

Capture non-interest revenue with bundled, value-added offers

Increase share of wallet with value-added offers. Easily bundle your own products with other financial and non-financial ecosystem products like insurance, fintech budgeting, and personal investment apps, home and gadget repair services, and more. Define bundled offers easily using a no-code interface and connect to any partner products and subscriptions. 

Automated contract generation and e signatures 1 1 FintechOS

Optimize your product portfolio by making fast, informed product decisions

Easily understand which products, channels and partnerships to retire, change, or double-down on with real-time visibility into product and offer performance. Track and evaluate revenue trends, profitability, usage, conversion, and more for each product and channel in real-time. Implement decisions quickly by making changes to products and offers using a no-code interface in a centralized product catalogue and manage product versions and dependencies.

User centric experience 1 FintechOS

Deliver new products, offers, and journeys to millions of users with peace of mind

Automate decisioning rules and perform instant KYC and AML so you can process thousands of simultaneous applications. Leverage a cloud-native architecture, built-in redundancy, multiple availability zones, and industry-leading security practices to ensure you can spend your time focusing on business growth, while we take care of security, architecture, compliance, and governance.

Seamless account funding 1 FintechOS

Use Cases

Embedded Finance


Value-added Offers

Automated Loan Origination

Customer Results

20 weeks

Time to launch embedded finance solution across 7 products 


Generated in new loans during first 2 weeks after launch 

<10 minutes

to provide purchase financing to customers 

“Over the past year, Vibrant has been able to originate $40 million in new loans that we wouldn’t have been able to generate prior to bringing on the FintechOS platform.” 

Matt McCombs
President & CEO
Vibrant Credit Union 


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