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No matter the technology, emotions still determine financial outcomes


Financial services are being reshaped by new technologies like biometrics, AI, advanced analytics, IoT or process automation. However, no matter the technology, customer emotions still determine preferences. In a social-connected environment, preferences determine decisions. Actions and financial outcomes are just one step ahead. This is why FintechOS carefully designed a disruptive open-cloud, omni-channel orchestration platform to streamline customer emotions across all touchpoints.

Take full advantage of FintechOS Innovation Core to manage complex automation scripts and to enable financial apps to run and operate.


Innovation Core performs a variety of functions, including resources management, security control, or process management. It executes and provides services for apps, while also carrying out the presentation layer. Innovation Core works together across critical business processes, enterprise applications, and platforms to create an digital end-to-end solution that drives better outcomes and boosts results.


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Digital Experience Portal


Quickly build white-labeled portals empowering your customers, sales agents, brokers or partners with beautiful and modern digital experiences.


Digital Customer 360


Start building aggregated, structured and actionable customer data through highly specialized apps for the next level of customer relationship management.


Digital Product Factory


Engage your business users to design customer-oriented products in 4-6 weeks, with complex pricing and underwriting rules configured by mouse clicks.


Digital Identity Management


Use FintechOS digital identity technologies to automatically capture data and manage Know-Your-Customer processes.


Robo Designer


Empower your tech-savvy users to create financial apps by using the powerful Robo Designer toolbox.


Digital Document Management


Generate paperless documents informed by the data model and make them available for certified digital signature.


A cloud-native technology

Secure. Scalable. Flexible. Fast.


FintechOS can be deployed on premise, on a private or public cloud, or as a service. You can choose the right deployment model according to your organization scalability needs. By using a wide range of microservices and open APIs, our components can be scaled independently based on your business requirements. 



Built based on the Microsoft Security Development Lifecycle, the most secure code on planet.



Never run out of resource capacity. Autoscale your usage based on load or schedule.



Ready-made building blocks and services allows you to customize the solution as needed.



Azure’s speed of deployment, operation and scalability can’t be matched by any other provider.

A powerful integration layer

Comprehensive. Core-agnostic. Open.

FintechOS platform comes with a comprehensive, flexible, core-agnostic integration layer. Any existing system as well as new desired applications can be easily integrated, so that your organization can enable multiple technologies to be ahead of the ever evolving customer expectations. The integration layer offers pre-built connectors and powerful tools to beautifully plug-in FintechOS innovation accelerator in your digital strategy roadmap.

Open API

Expose data model, digital workflows, automation scripts or security permissions to other systems via APIs, secured through OAuth 2.0 and OWASP standards.

Data Import Mapping

Use our built-in automation scripts, prescriptive guidelines and exceptions loggers to enable light-weighted structured data migration.


Process and convert unstructured data like smart contracts or balance sheets into standardized formats that are afterwards feeding FintechOS platform with data.

Robot Process Automation

Employ our ready-made RPAs or build bespoke ones in case your legacy system does not support micro services but only manual data input.

Enterprise Service Bus

Accelerate with our full-stack API integration with ESB architectures to facilitate simple, well defined, “pluggable” platform for innovation.

ETL and Data Lake

Save time and costs by performing bulk data integrations through Data Lakes and ETL tools such Informatica, Talent, SSIS and many more.



As analytics becomes a common path to business value, financial organizations are changing how they make decisions, operate and strategize. FintechOS uses a data streaming architecture that expose the open data model to specialized chart libraries or business intelligence tools like Power BI, QlickView, Tableau Software, and many more. With fast and accurate insights, you can monetize your data, create new revenue streams, and become a truly digital data-driven organization.

Analyze data

Add new perspectives to your customers’ data, act on insights, and rapidly address business challenges to create new opportunities.


Discover Opportunities

Gain real-time insights about customer behavior and opportunities to develop new digital strategies, new digital products and channels.


Act Faster

Give shared access to easy-to-use analytics to make smart decisions and rapidly shift from insight to action.

Kostas Tovil

SVP e-Commerce TBI Bank

“It is not easy to open the way for innovation in a traditional banking market. But the desire and courage to offer our clients a different financing solution, 100% on-line was sustained by the boldness of our partner, FintechOS, to develop the necessary technology.”

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