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What is a fintech enablement platform?

A fintech enablement platform is technology infrastructure that connects to your core systems and ecosystem services, and enables you to quickly create, iterate, and refine digital banking and insurance products.

Create financial and insurance products and pricing

Capture new business opportunities in underserved and emerging markets with personalized products and offers.

  • Create any financial or insurance product across any line of business
  • Automate credit decisioning and underwriting, increasing acceptance rates
  • Bundle financial and non-financial products, increasing share of wallet
  • Track, evaluate, and optimize products from conception to retirement with built-in dashboards and analytics
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Define personalized customer onboarding journeys

Create self-service and assisted customer journeys for any channel, web, mobile, and embedded.

  • Deliver customer experiences that set you apart from competitors
  • Embed products and services, reaching more customers at a lower cost
  • Automate workflows, reducing abandonment rates and driving down costs
  • Access built-in journey analytics, increasing customer conversions
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Accelerate and lower the cost of digital product delivery

Part of the FintechOS platform, FintechOS Studio is a low-code/no-code builder that enables anyone – regardless of their technical skills or background – to create and launch data-driven financial and insurance products and customer journeys.

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Put Generative AI at your fingertips

Take advantage of the latest generative AI capabilities with foundational AI APIs, included in the FintechOS platform.

  • Futureproof your AI strategy with a plug-and-play architecture
  • Increase transparency with built-in explainability services and logging
  • Ensure governance and manage privacy issues with configurable policy management
  • Reduce hallucinations with a multi-request approach and a language model that selects the best result
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Automate product servicing with composable blocks

Don’t waste time waiting on your core vendor. Instead, the FintechOS platform enables you to deploy the business capabilities you need now, tailoring them to fit your exact business needs.

  • Support new products with prebuilt servicing capabilities for loans, mortgages, BNPL, P&C, life, health, and more
  • Customize prebuilt capabilities with data model extensions, forms, and workflows
  • Leverage existing investments, integrating with your existing legacy platforms where necessary
  • Take advantage of external innovation with 150+ pre-integrated third-party services and data sources
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Make data your new core

Unlock the potential of data buried away in your existing systems. The FintechOS platform brings all your data together in a common layer where it can be enriched and used to drive personalization of products and services.​

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  • Model your own data, adding tables and fields
  • Augment your data with integration and transformation tools
  • Surface real-time data with support for data streaming
  • Access data via a well-defined API layer
  • Ensure that data is secure and consistent with built-in data governance
  • Support high performance data requirements with advanced caching

Unlock your ecosystem
with our API-first architecture

Access unlimited opportunities for financial and insurance product and service innovation: OpenAPI 3.0 compliant APIs, from product configuration to headless digital journeys, make it easy for you to build on top of the FintechOS platform.

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Rest assured with secure cloud-native deployment

Focus on delivering capabilities that differentiate your business while our cloud-native architecture takes care of security, identity management, performance, availability, integration, and more.



Our platform and teams are certified across a wide variety of standards to ensure your solutions are secure and compliant

Identity Management

Authentication and role-based authorization frameworks integrate directly with your existing identity provider (IdP)


Our cloud-native architecture scales to support the most demanding of Black Friday workloads

High Availability

Built-in redundancy and multiple availability zones ensure the reliability of your business solutions

Our certifications

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