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Break free from inflexible systems and
modernize your borrower experience

While consumers value the reliability of established brands and the convenience of physical branches, fintechs, neolenders
and big technology companies are rapidly capturing a sizeable portion of the lending market.

With FintechOS, you can overcome the limitations of core banking systems and digital banking solutions
and offer seamless origination experiences and personalized lending products.

Meet the Solution

Increase acceptance rates with personalized lending products and pricing

Effectively respond to changing interest rates, regulations, and customer preferences. Seamlessly modify products, personalize offerings for specific segments, or create innovative propositions. Create any lending product by using pre-built product configurations and configuring them to your needs using an intuitive interface. Harness customer data from digital journeys, existing systems, and third-party sources for real-time, personalized pricing and recommendations. 

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Generate new revenue streams by tapping into new business models like BaaS, embedded finance and value-added offers

Lower customer acquisition costs by seamlessly integrating lending products, offers, and digital journeys into partner websites and points of sale using APIs. Unlock new revenue streams through strategic product partnerships and value-added offers that bundle lending, insurance products, and other non-financial partner services. Stay ahead of the game by making data-driven decisions on your lending product portfolio with real-time insights on product and digital journey performance. 

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Give borrowers intuitive and fast omnichannel loan origination experiences

Provide customers with seamless origination journeys across various channels––web, mobile, branches, brokers, call centers, and partners––leveraging your existing team and skills. Start from pre-built flows, easily configure them to your unique products and brand, and make ongoing adjustments to reduce abandonment rates and adapt to product and regulatory changes. Allow customers to effortlessly transition between self-service and assisted channels without redundancy or data loss. 

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Reduce time-to-money and time-to-yes by automating onboarding workflows 

Enhance the borrower experience with instant decisions by eliminating redundant data entry and manual underwriting processes. Accelerate KYC, AML, and credit decisioning with automated business rules and third-party ecosystem providers. Streamline back-office processes by automating repetitive tasks and giving employees intuitive interfaces that help them get work done faster. 

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Use Cases

Retail Loans

SMB Loans



Customer Results


Lower operating costs


Reduction in onboarding time

$40 MM

New loans in 6 months

“For anyone looking to elevate their digital services, FintechOS is the partner you’re looking for, and they were unquestionably the right choice for us.” 

Brett Hollenbeck
Digital Banking Director
Tower Community Bank 


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Platform Features

Personalized recommendations and pricing 

Give customers personalized pricing and products in real-time based on their desired goals, loan amount, repayment period or any other field. Enrich your existing data with third-party sources to create audience segments and target customers with the right products at the right time.

Personalize Lending Products 1 FintechOS
Fast and convenient application data capture

Minimize errors by automatically populating personal information from various sources such as CRM systems, scanned IDs, tax and income statements, government databases, and third-party data providers. Enable automated completeness checks and empower users to effortlessly resume and complete their application from any device or channel without data loss or repetition. 

Fast application data capture RT 1 FintechOS
Instant credit decisioning

Process thousands of customer applications with automated approval workflows. Seamlessly integrate credit score, employment status, and tax information validation by leveraging third-party services such as credit bureaus, government databases, and tax authorities. Create business rules that route complex requests to underwriters and use connectors to property valuation data providers, utility services, and other third parties to give them data to make informed decisions. 

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Value-added ecosystem offers

Appeal to younger customer segments with tailor-made lending products and bundled offers, featuring popular partner products and subscriptions such as Amazon Prime, Spotify, and fintech services like Acorn.

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End-to-end loan lifecycle

Fill the gaps in your core with pre-built servicing capabilities. Empower loan, risk, and collection officers with intuitive portals for loan management, billing, collections, and task management. Leverage automation workflows for tasks like disbursements and contract changes. 

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High-quality digital customer experience

Craft exceptional digital experiences that captivate users with pre-built flows and industry-leading UX/UI best-practices. Customize flows to your unique products and brand, setting you apart from the competition.

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Personalize Lending Products 1 FintechOS
Fast application data capture RT 1 FintechOS
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