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Digital Account Opening
& Deposits

Differentiate with frictionless digital account opening
experiences and personalized products

digital account opening

Break free from inflexible core systems
and digital banking solutions

Regain control of your digital banking experience and offer high-quality account opening journeys
and tailored products that will attract depositors and increase share of wallet.

The best part? You’ll see the results in a matter of weeks, not years. 

Meet the Solution

Give members a fast, intuitive omnichannel account opening experience

Whether opening an account online or in-branch, ensure depositors have a great experience that is unique to your brand. Offer intuitive journeys on mobile and web with a stellar look and feel and give applicants, tellers, and brokers the ability to start, stop, and continue applications later or on a different channel without repeating steps. 

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Reduce onboarding time and costs while ensuring compliance

Simplify the account opening process and give depositors immediate access to their accounts. Digitize and automate application data entry, KYC, AML, and account funding processes using your existing data and leading third-party providers. 

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Gain competitive edge with personalized products and value-added offers

Increase acceptance rates by offering tailored product recommendations on digital journeys, branch, and call center. Easily change product rates, introduce new offers or bundle partner services as competitors come up with new offerings, interest rates change, or new regulations are introduced.

Personalized Value Added Offers 1 FintechOS

Use Cases

Retail Banking

From digital onboarding to loans and credit card applications to digital deposits and mortgages, engage consumers with the experiences they expect.

Small Business Banking

From digital account opening to lending to creating new offerings like business insurance, grow your small business footprint with customer-centric solutions.

Account Opening

Create a frictionless digital account opening journeys built with customer experience in mind.


Enable seamless depositing to increase your share of wallet and provide a better customer experience.

Customer Results


Customer base growth in 6 months 


Reduction in onboarding time


Lower customer acquisition costs

“Our [FintechOS-enabled] online onboarding experience was recognized as the best in Europe and North America.” 

Constantin Mares
Chief Digital Officer
OTP Bank


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Platform Features

High quality digital customer experience

Craft exceptional digital experiences that captivate users with pre-built flows and industry-leading UX/UI best practices. Configure flows to your unique products and brand, setting your institution apart from the competition. 

High Quality Digital Customer Experience mockup 1 FintechOS
Personalized value-added offers

Appeal to younger customer segments with tailor-made products and bundled deposit offers, featuring popular partner products and subscriptions such as Amazon Prime, Spotify, and fintech services like Acorn. 

Personalized Value Added Offers 1 FintechOS
Instant KYC and AML

Streamline identity verification by integrating with leading KYC and AML providers. Empower applicants to seamlessly scan their ID documents using a mobile or web device while ensuring authenticity with liveness checks and robust fraudulent document detection. 

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Automated contract generation and e-signatures

Define contract templates and automatically merge them with applicant data. Connect with DocuSign using pre-built connectors, opt for secure OTP verification via SMS, or integrate with any another provider of choice. Instantly send and store documents for compliance and traceability. 

Automated contract generation and e signatures 1 FintechOS
Seamless account funding

Enable depositors to fund new accounts using existing cards, bank accounts, or Google/Apple Pay. Leverage pre-built Stripe integrations or connect to any other system or payment processing platform via APIs. 

Seamless account funding 1 FintechOS
Cross-sell and up-sell

Leverage applicant data to provide personalized recommendations for ideal plans and packages. Seamlessly offer additional options like deposits, checking accounts, credit cards, personal loans, or insurance. 

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High Quality Digital Customer Experience mockup 1 FintechOS
Personalized Value Added Offers 1 FintechOS
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Automated contract generation and e signatures 1 FintechOS
Seamless account funding 1 FintechOS
Cross sell Up sell 1 FintechOS

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