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FintechOS Academy at a glance



Content, activities and learning path tailored based on your role, skills, schedule and preferred learning method (online self-paced, classroom, webinars, etc.).


You will find it flexible, fit for purpose and perfectly mapped on your learning needs.



Hands-on exercises, spot-on assignments and real-world examples to validate knowledge and the mastery of the newly acquired skills.


Our pragmatic and solution-oriented learning approach is designed specifically to bring the best out of you and help you achieve your development potential.



Engaging and exciting trainings especially designed to boost your creativity, stimulate and challenge you towards innovation and critical thinking.


The sparkling and daring learning environment we nurture supports new ideas to flourish, out of the box thinking and setting a creative mindset.



Use FintechOS to improve customer experience, cut costs, leverage operational efficiency, modernize applications or enable mobile capabilities.


All in one, FintechOS is a valuable asset available for you to use, so that you can accelerate digital transformation across various companies and industries.

Academy trainings

FintechOS Academy promotes innovative approaches, contemporary learning methods and inquiry based teaching.

It is a shared learning space designed to engender learners with technical skills and knowledge, as well as with capacities for critical, creative and reflective thinking, through inquiry and problem solving. The training courses and certifications address the learning needs of the following enthusiast apprentice candidates:

  • Business users
  • Sales Business Development
  • Technical Consultants
  • Developers

Create your learning path

by choosing activities that suit you most

Online courses

Self-Paced courses, granting you with the flexibility of planning your learning activities according to your schedule, availability and learning appetite.

On-Site courses

Classroom training, organized in your office, to make it more convenient for you, to support a broad participation and extensive coverage from various usage perspectives.

Boot Camp

An innovative and first-class training camp, combining product knowledge with agile methodology and latest industry best practices.

On-Demand Webinars

Live webinars organized based on online RSVPs and the topics voted by you as important. The webinars are highly participative, addressing questions and concerns and engaging participants in an open and inspiring conversation.

Fintech OS Playground

Provides access to Fintech OS Playground, allowing you to test, practice and validate product’s features and capabilities.

Apprentice Program

While learning, you are able to also enroll into our apprentice program, to benefit from guidance from a senior coach or to mentor and help newcomers.

Practical Assignments

On your learning path you will have plenty of hands-on tasks and assignments to help you assimilate and test your knowledge.
But don’t be anxious about that, our assignments are challenging, but equally fun and entertaining, it’ll be a pleasure to pursue in resolving them.

Hall of Fame

We are extremely proud of our students and their outstanding accomplishments, so with their consent, we want the whole world to be as proud as we.

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