Your learning path
to success.

Digital transformation starts with your transformation. The Academy is a shared learning space designed to empower everyone with technical skills and knowledge. Help build capacities for critical, creative and reflective thinking. To broaden your knowledge and expand your horizons.

The Academy uses innovative approaches, contemporary learning methods and inquiry based teaching. Combining easy access to our ever-expanding education content with a community of learners. Perfect for business users, sales business development, technical consultants and developers.

Fully personalised.
Fully flexible.

It’s flexible and fun. Learning paths are fully personalised. Simply choose activities that suit you most. Online courses, on-site courses, boot camp, boot camp playground, apprentice program, Hall of Fame and practical assignments, all await. Like an educational pick ‘n’ mix.

Time to take your learning on a journey of discovery.

Agile learning built around you.

FintechOS learning is built around life. Content, activities and learning paths accommodate everyone’s varied roles, locations and schedules. Online self-paced lessons, classroom or webinars are just some of the choices. There are hands-on exercises, pragmatic assignments and real-world modules. The innovative creative environment nurtures and supports new ideas and transformative concepts. Everything is focussed on accelerating the innovative skills and practical knowledge that accelerate digital transformation.

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