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The Academy has all the resources and support to take your career to the next level. Empowering you with the skills to be at the forefront of digital transformation and shape the future of financial services.


Welcome to the FintechOS Academy.

Digital transformation starts with your transformation. The Academy is a shared learning space designed to empower everyone with technical skills and knowledge. It will help you build your capacity for critical, creative and reflective thinking while broadening your knowledge and expanding your horizons.

Expand your knowledge

FintechOS Certification ensures you’ll stand out from tomorrow ’s programmers by boosting your skills beyond coding into automation and AI while developing your industry knowledge.

Future-proof your career

Join our Community of FintechOS certified professionals and become fluent in banking and insurance processes, as well as digital transformation best practices.

Go beyond transformation

Become an authority on the FintechOS Application Accelerator and you’ll be an expert in delivering transformative and personalised digital solutions on time and on budget.

Agile learning built around you.

Academy learning is built around life. Content, activities and learning paths accommodate everyone’s varied roles, locations and schedules.
Online self-paced lessons, classroom or webinars are just some of the choices.

There are hands-on exercises, pragmatic assignments and real-world modules. The innovative creative environment nurtures and supports new ideas and transformative concepts. It is a shared learning space designed to engender learners with technical skills and knowledge, as well as with capacities for critical, creative and reflective thinking, through inquiry and problem solving. Everything is focussed on accelerating the innovative skills and practical knowledge that accelerate digital transformation.

The FintechOS Academy Approach.


Learn at your own pace with content, activities and learning path tailored to your role, skills, schedule and preferred learning method (online self-paced, classroom, webinars, etc.). The programme is flexible and perfectly mapped on your learning needs.


Hands-on exercises, assignments and real-world examples help you achieve your potential in a practical way. Our pragmatic and solution-oriented learning approach is designed to constantly challenge you and deliver knowledge that will impact your role every day.


Boost your fintech knowledge to become more innovative in your thinking with our engaging and challenging training programmes.
Empowering you with the knowledge to accelerate digital transformation across various companies and industries.

Fully personalised.
Fully flexible.

It’s flexible and fun. Learning paths are fully personalised. Simply choose activities that suit you most. Online courses, on-site courses, boot camp, boot camp playground, apprentice program, Hall of Fame and practical assignments, all await.

Like an educational pick ‘n’ mix. Time to take your learning on a journey of discovery.

Training Courses and Certifications.

Follow the technical or consultancy path to success.


Learn how to build impactful FintechOS applications for omni-channel digital journeys super-fast.


Understand how to use our applications and learn how to customize them according to your digital transformation needs.

with your Digital Innovation Passport

Enrol in and take Academy Courses

Take Certification Exams

FintechOS Fundamentals.

Free course covering FintechOS platform basics. Become familiar with the Evolutive Data Model, Digital Journeys, Automation Processors, DevOps and Security. Plus learn about managing Localization and Digital Experience Touch Points.

FintechOS Pre-certification

This pre-certification will validate your understanding of FintechOS Fundamentals.

Digital engineering.

Upgrade your FintechOS knowledge and skills at an accelerated pace. The course covers advanced lessons about Evolutive Data Model, DevOps, Security and Automation Processors.

Learn how to build complex queries using Fetch Designer, import deployment packages and create deployment packages.

FintechOS Pre-certification

This pre-certification will validate your understanding of FintechOS Fundamentals.

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